3 Reasons To Buy Huawei P30 or Huawei P30 Pro

2019 set in with the launch of state-of-the-art smartphones including Huawei Mate X, Samsung Galaxy S10, and Sony Xperia 1. Just like Huawei Mate X,which has folding capabilities, the Huawei P30 and Huawei P30 Pro are flagship products from the giant Chinese technology company.
Over the years, Huawei has been pushing the boundaries in the mobile phone market and it has succeeded in doing so with the two handsets. To enable smart photography, Huawei was the first mobile company to implement cameras with dual-lens as well as triple-lens.
Hoawei P30
Huawei is a leader in innovative mobile technology




Huawei P30 Optical Stabilization

Characteristically,the P30 has a triple-lens camera with a 40 MP F1.8 wide-angle lens, a 16 MP F2.2 ultra-wide-angle lens, and 8 MP F2.4 three times telephoto lens. The P30 Pro has an extra depth-sensing camera together with an 8 MP F3.4 five times telephoto lens, a 20 MP F2.2 ultra-wide-angle
lens, and a 40 MP F1.6 wide-angle lens.
With these phones, Huawei introduces a 5x optical zoom which raises the bar one more time in smartphone photography. As a word of caution, you may have to wait to see how the cameras will turn out in real-world situations. According to Huawei, the phones come with better image processing algorithms, sensor upgrades, as well as optical stabilization
Huawei P30
Great photos for all occasions

Huawei P30 Storage Capacity

Huawei managed to show off some low-light photos in a demo on-stage. The images were not just excellent but they were as good as the night shots from Google Pixel phones. Bear in mind that these photos may have undergone quite some AI processing.
Thenew Huawei phones come with ultra-narrow bezels and a tiny teardrop notch. Given the 6.1-inch P30 and 6.47-inch P30 Pro, the handsets and compact enough for the discerning smartphone owner. The screen resolutions stand at 2340×1080 pixels for both handsets.
One thing you will not see with your eyes but which defines the functionality of the two handsets is the Huawei Kirin 980 processor, the latest in the company’s innovativeness. Both phones have a maximum of 8 GB RAM. The difference is in the internal storage capacity. While the P30 has a capacity of 128 GB P30 Pro has a 512 GB storage capacity.
Huawei P30 camera
Innovative 3-in-1 camera for great photos




Huawei P30 Best Phones for 2020

Both phones have a fingerprint sensor on the screens. When it comes to acting as a password, Huawei says they have made the fingerprint sensor even faster. The Huawei P30 Pro has an IP68 rating, which makes it totally dustproof and waterproof. As for the Huawei P30, it has a a less-airtight IP53 rating, which does not make it fully dustproof or waterproof.
Other features offered by these handsets include wireless charging, fast charging, as well as reverse wireless charging. Thus, it is possible to use the phones to charge smaller gadgets wirelessly.
You can get the two phones in Breathing Blue,Aurora, Amber Sunrise, Pearl White, and Black colors. The Huawei P30 goes for $900 upwards while the Huawei P30 Pro goes for $1,130 upwards. If you are looking for a good smartphone to light up 2019, any of these two will do just fine.


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