Benefits of Cloud Computing for Business

The benefits of cloud computing have never been more apparent than during the recent COVID-19 shutdowns with people working from home.

Even with the opening up of economies, several businesses are likely to admit fewer workers to the office. Thus, a majority of workers for some international corporations are likely to keep working from home.

Businesses need cloud computing to create a better working environment for their employees working remotely. In this article, we look at the advantages of cloud computing for businesses of all kinds.

An example of cloud computing service provider

What Is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is a service that allows users to work, play, and store files on remote servers. Thus, it doesn’t store data on your laptop’s hard disk, resulting in freeing space for other purposes.

A user signs up for cloud computing services either individually or as a business, then starts using remote servers to store data. The most common uses of cloud computing include:

  • Online file storage
  • Making and editing videos
  • File conversion (from HTML to PDF, for example)
  • Anti-virus applications like Kaspersky
  • E-commerce applications like Spotify
  • Business management applications
  • System backup and recovery
  • Online video game streaming

Microsoft365 for Business

Even though relatively old, cloud computing is fast becoming a must-have for businesses, gaming developers, web-hosting organizations, and so on.

Advantages Of Could Computing For Business

As we have seen, businesses can use cloud services to carry out several functions. The degree of cloud computing services may differ based on the type of business or the need for localized file storage. Regardless of the extent of implementation, the following are the expected benefits of cloud computing to business:

1. Cost-Effective

One of te biggest benefits of cloud computing is its cost-effectiveness that results in a high return on investment. Even if the initial cost increases, accessing company data is more straightforward, saving you time and money. Essentially, you can access your business data virtually from anywhere and on any device with an internet connection.

Besides, you save on the cost of buying and installing physical hardware such as servers. Since you don’t own the hardware, you do not need qualified personnel to maintain it. It is the cloud services provider who has to worry about installing and maintaining physical hardware.

Furthermore, signing up for cloud computing services doesn’t mean you have to subscribe to features you don’t need. That’s because cloud service providers have a pay-as-you-go system that provides the space you need. In the end, you get to pay for what you can afford.

2. Improved Data Security

Despite its industry and size, every business grapples with the likelihood of its data landing in the wrong hands. As a result of cybercrime and data breaches, many companies have suffered losses in:

  • revenue
  • brand positioning
  • and customer loyalty

Storing data in the cloud is more secure because of the advanced featured offered by various service providers. First off, the cloud host carefully monitor’s the system’s security to ensure that your data isn’t compromised.

Secondly, having all your data in the cloud prevents employees from internally compromising the system for their benefit. Since the host is worried about the system, you concentrate on your core business, achieving better results.

3. Speedy Idea Implementation

One of the most significant advantages of cloud computing is the speed with which you can test new software development ideas. The host company goes to great lengths to provide top-notch infrastructure for its customers. Thus, you can try new ideas and design the architecture of an application without suffering from onsite hardware limitations.

Moreover, cloud computing makes the deployment of services very fast. With only a few clicks, you can improve your system within no time. That not only allows you to get back to your core business but also saves you money.

4. Auto Software Update and Integration

One of the benefits of cloud computing is the ability to test and deploy new software versions. Consequently, you do not need to manually scan your system to know the software types that need updates. A good example is Office 365, which is a cloud-based software service.

If you are a software developer, cloud computing makes it possible to release additional features to end-users periodically. Also, cloud environments integrate basic logging systems and DevOps tools for easy monitoring and detection of issues.

5. Cloud Computing Is Scalable

Based on the size and type of business, companies tend to have various information technology needs. For example, a startup enterprise has minimal requirements than a large company with more than 1,000 employees. One of the advantages of using cloud computing is the ability to scale up or down the business IT department.

If you have fluctuating or growing bandwidth demands, cloud-based business solutions are a must-have. Therefore, you can start small and increase your space on the cloud based on your increasing needs. The good thing is that you do not have to expand your physical infrastructure, giving you a competitive advantage.

Consequently, you will minimize the risks of in-house maintenance and operational issues. The beauty of cloud computing is providing you with high-performance, professional resources with zero up-front costs. That’s why scalability is one of the most significant advantages of cloud storage.

6. Opportunities for Collaboration

Cloud computing makes collaboration among teams much more straightforward. Since they use the same infrastructure, product architects, security, operations, quality assurance, and developers can work together efficiently.

Apart from restricting the role of each individual in the team, cloud-based services provide social spaces for collaboration. Thus, employees across the organization can easily engage with each other without having to meet physically. Besides, cooperation in the cloud is much more transparent, indicating each individual’s contribution to a project.

7. Easing Quality Control

One of the significant benefits of cloud-based solutions is how it tremendously improves the quality control function. Cloud computing makes it possible to store all files and documents in one format and place. Thus, all users within the business can access the same information, helping you:

  • maintain data consistency
  • avoid human error
  • and get records of all updates and revisions

Conversely, storing information in separate devices may mean each employee has different document versions. That not only creates confusion but also dilutes the data quality, compromising your business success.

8. Unlimited Storage Capacity

Cloud-based storage is not only scalable but also provides unlimited storage capacity. It is excellent for both small and large businesses without curtailing their storage needs. Besides, cloud-based storage can carry any data type in different forms of storage based on availability, frequency of access, and performance.

Therefore, an organization demanding more excellent performance, frequency of access, and data availability should be ready to pay more. However, with an optimal could/cost structure, any business can attain its goals at lower storage costs.

9. Easy Backup and Data Restore

Data storage in the cloud makes it easier for you to back it up and restore it whenever needed. Thus, you can store different versions of your data even as you update to the latest versions. Whenever you need to roll back to an older software version, all you have to do is click a button.

Consequently, it is easier to prevent or minimize downtime and keep your organization in business. Furthermore, cloud computing means the prevention of loss of reputation, revenue, and productivity. A power outage doesn’t necessarily mean the loss of everything you stored in the cloud.

10. Faster Recovery after a Disaster

When a disaster happens, it is easier to recover when storing data in the cloud than in onsite servers. That’s because of the ability to keep older software versions and to operate in multiple time zones and regions.

For example, deploying an application on multiple locations enables failing over to the active regions when the others go down. Therefore, end-users won’t experience any interruptions on their operations resulting from a regional downtime.

Also, it is possible to roll back to older software versions if a new one experienced a significant bug attack. As a result, you will be able to get back in business within no time.

11. Greater Mobility

One of the significant cloud computing benefits is how easy it is to access your data on mobile devices. Thus, your staff does not need laptops or desktop computers to work. Besides, staff living far from the office or who have busy schedules can catch up on their smartphones wherever they are.

Therefore, that ability to store, process, retrieve, or recover information with a few clicks makes cloud computing extremely desirable. In short, users can access their work:

  • on-the-go
  • around the clock
  • using any device
  • from anywhere in the world

The only condition is that you should have a reliable internet connection. And you don’t have to make it to the office to work, which is great for the remote workers.

12. Preventing Data Loss

Do you often worry about losing the data stored in devices like laptops, desktop computers, and servers? With cloud storage, that wouldn’t be one of your worries. That’s because cloud storage makes data always available even when your laptops or PCs get damaged.

Furthermore, cloud-based storage provides quicker data recovery during emergencies like natural disasters and power outages. It also prevents data loss due to viruses, malware, and hardware deterioration of your devices. Thus, you can access your data from any computer in any location with an internet connection.

13. Control over Sensitive Data

Every company needs control over its most sensitive data to prevent key documents from landing in the wrong hands. By providing different security levels for the employees, cloud computing enables you to avert untrained employees from accessing sensitive data.

Thus, it is easier to assign different documents to different cadres of employees, giving you control over your data. Besides, it also makes collaboration more accessible, enabling other people to work on the same document without compromising quality.

14. Gaining a Competitive Edge

Migrating to the cloud provides businesses, big and small, with many advantages that make them more competitive. That’s because of the combination of benefits as we have discussed above.

Cloud-based storage provides access to top-notch enterprise technology, helping them to implement their functions efficiently. Thus, companies that adopt cloud computing early enough are likely to stay ahead of their competitors.

15. Sustainability

If you want to play a part in protecting the environment, embrace cloud computing. Remember, shared storage reduces the need for every business owner to buy and install servers on their premises. Thus, it reduces the incidence of dumping electronic waste in the environment.

Furthermore, it cuts down on waste paper, improves energy efficiency, and reduces emissions due to commuting by giving employees any location. Over the years, energy consumption by data centers has been dropping drastically, making cloud storage more sustainable.

Benefits of Cloud Computing – The Disadvantages

Like everything else, cloud computing comes with several disadvantages, including the following:

  • Technical Issues: Cloud storage may face technical issues like frequent outages, leading to a loss in business. That’s something that can happen to both established and fledgling companies despite the type of maintenance that goes into it.
  • Varied Performance: The servers in data centers provide storage services to multiple businesses at the same time. Therefore, any DDOS attacks or greediness from other users can adversely affect performance.
  • Downtime: It is possible to experience downtime while using cloud storage. That could be due to scheduled maintenance, unreliable internet connectivity, and power loss.
  • Security Threats: Cloud computing might also pose security risks to the company and its business. That’s because you have to share your sensitive information with a third-party data center. If hackers access the data, they will threaten the performance or existence of your business.
  • Lower Bandwidth: Most data center owners limit the bandwidth available to their users. When your business surpasses the given bandwidth allowance, it might have to pay for a more expensive package.
  • Internet Connectivity: You can’t use cloud storage without good internet connectivity. That’s because an internet connection is necessary for accessing and saving data on the cloud.
  • Lack of or Limited Support: Some companies operating data centers may fail to provide proper support to their members. That makes the use of cloud storage rather frustrating for users of data center services.

Benefits of Cloud Computing – The Bottom Line

If you haven’t started using cloud computing in your business, start now. It is cost-effective, secure, fast, and easy to update software. Due to its scalability, cloud computing makes it possible to take higher packages when business needs increase.

Besides, it provides opportunities for collaboration, enables quality control, unlimited storage capacity, and data backup. When a disaster happens, cloud computing makes data recovery extremely easy. One also enjoys more mobility, less data loss, control over sensitive data, and gains a competitive edge. Finally, cloud storage is more sustainable than onsite data storage.

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Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review

The affordable Bengoo G9000 gaming headset can deliver stereo-quality sound whenever and wherever you use it. It is an excellent option if you wish to spend less than $100 for a headset with high-end qualities. However, if you have never used a Bengoo product before, you might not know what we are talking about. Hence, the comprehensive Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset review introduces you to the product in greater detail. After reading it, you choose the right product when you go shopping.


  • Multi-platform compatibility
  • Noise-isolating capable mic
  • Humanized, comfortable design
  • It has easy controls
  • High-quality sound on the cheap
  • Affordable


  • Requires a separate adapter for Xbox One
  • Some users reported feeling uncomfortable

Here are the impressive features of the Bengoo Stereo gaming headset:

1. Compatible Gaming Platforms

The over-ear G9000 gaming headset features a 3.5mm auxiliary audio jack, making it compatible with many gaming platforms. For example, it works with Xbox One, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, tablets, and mobile phones. Also, you can turn it into a wireless headset with the PS$ controller audio jack.

Besides, the G9000 gaming headset works with different operating systems like Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. However, users of the older Xbox One controller might need an extra Microsoft adapter.

Notably, the gaming headset sounds the same across all the compatible platforms. Thus, it is different from some headsets with surround sound on some media, working consistently across all platforms. Therefore, if you use multiple gaming platforms, this headset is an excellent choice.

2. Sound Quality

Another big selling point for the G9000 gaming headset is the excellent sound quality delivered by the 40mm neodymium magnetic drivers. Because of its impressive sensitivity, the speaker balances perfectly between the precision highs and immersive lows. Consequently, users get vivid, clearer, shock-feeling, and broad-spectrum sound fields. You can hear all in-game details, including footsteps, honking horns, sirens, screeching tires, and gunshots, more vividly.

That makes it great for video games like Halo 5 Guardians, Metal Gear Solid, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft Legion, Overwatch, Star Wars Battlefront, and others with immersive sound effects. However, the bass tends is overshadowing, making you hear fewer mid-range sounds. If you love more powerful lows, this headset is for you.

3. Comfort Levels

Gaming sessions can last for many hours, necessitating the need for a more comfortable gaming headset. No matter how affordable it is, an uncomfortable gaming headset might cause a lot more damage than just the money. Luckily, the Bengoo G9000 is a comfortable gaming headset that features a “humanized design.”  Besides, the ear cups feature a breathable protein leather cover that stops heat from building up around your ears. Under the protein leather cover is soft memory foam padding that reduces pressure, protecting you from unnecessary pain and fatigue.

Furthermore, as we have discovered in this bengoo G9000 stereo gaming headset review, it is padded, protecting multiple contact points from discomfort when worn over long gaming sessions. The headband is also adjustable, making it possible to fit onto heads of any size and shape. However, this section isn’t covered with breathable protein leather, making users sweat more than usual. Another drawback is the likelihood of the adjustable headband grabbing long hair, causing inconvenience during headset removal. However, the glaring LED lights dancing along to the in-game soundtrack create a more realistic gaming atmosphere.

4. Microphone Features

The G9000 gaming headset features a beautiful bendable microphone capable of working compatible gaming platforms. Therefore, the microphone’s flexibility makes it easy to bend it closer to your mouth to pick up your voice whenever you need to communicate with teammates. Even when hanging further from your mouth, the omnidirectional mic can snap up sound from any direction. Therefore, you don’t have to put the mic on your mouth to communicate.

Besides, the mic comes with noise-canceling capabilities, locking out ambient noise you wish wouldn’t end up in your conversations. Therefore, the person listening to you won’t hear anything but what you say. That’s mainly because the microphone captures nothing else except your voice. Finally, it is possible to bend or extend the microphone at will to meet your needs. Additionally, the mute-mic function shuts the mic so that you can use the headset to listen to music like ordinary headphones.

5. Construction and Build Quality

It’s challenging to find a budget gaming headset that has passed the durability test, given the manufacturer’s urge to cut corners. Consequently, many low-end gaming headsets feature soft materials and employ poor artistry. That’s why many online reviews report how flimsy and weak most of these gaming headsets are. However, the Bengoo G9000 is not a light gaming headset despite being budget-friendly.

Instead, it is surprisingly strong considering its less than $30 price. The G9000 headset can last for a long time barring anything serious. That’s because the headset has high-tensile, hard-to-break materials that won’t deteriorate quickly. Also, it features a braided, anti-winding USB cable that won’t twine as you use it. For example, one reviewer reported twisting the ear cups but never damaged the headset. How many can low-end gaming headsets survive such accidents?

6. Additional Features and Controls

Have you ever used a gaming headset with fixed EQ settings and volume levels? If you haven’t, don’t try because you won’t like the experience. The Bengoo G9000 has inline volume control for regulating chat and in-game alike. Using the volume control, you can balance between chat and in-game sounds, depending on the one you want to hear clearly. Furthermore, it has a mute-mic function that cuts off the microphone whenever you do not need in-game conversations. At that point, it becomes a standard set of headphones for listening to music or watching movies.

7. Quality of Music

The Bengoo G9000 gaming headset does more than give you admirable in-game sound. You can use it when listening to music or watching movies when you finish playing video games. Because of its balanced music experience, the headset makes listening to any music genre memorable. Those who love acoustic music will find it inadequate since the headset lacks a flat EQ spectrum. On the other hand, the headset produces enchanting lower bass-heavy music, including Hip-Hop, EDM, and Trap. Its impressive bass surpasses many of the other gaming headsets in this price range.

Bengoo G9000 Stereo Gaming Headset Review – The Bottom Line

The Bengoo G9000 gaming headset is affordable yet able to provide impressive sound quality from the discussion above. It is excellent for anyone who wants a budget-friendly headset from the get-go. Regardless of its affordable price, the gaming headset is more impressive than even some high-end devices. Though lacking surround sound, it has 40mm sound drivers that deliver excellent, cross-spectrum sound. It also works with most of the gaming platforms available on the market. However, like everything else, the gaming headset has several drawbacks, including faint acoustic sound, compared to the bass.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones

Best bone conduction headphones provide a better listening experience while keeping you alert to the environment around you. They are suitable for those who want great musical sound while listening out for any looming danger. Thus, those who frequently walk, run, or cycle in high-traffic places should buy headphones, such as these, which do not close the ears. However, knowing where to start can be impossible if you are purchasing this headphone type before. That’s why we have prepared a comprehensive review of the top 10 bone conduction headphones for your perusal. Let’s delve deep into it!

bone conduction headphones for riding
You can wear bone conduction headphones when riding a bike

1. Aftershokz Titanium Open-Earn Wireless Bone-Conduction Headphones


  • Provides high-quality music
  • Compatible with multiple devices
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Waterproof


  • The sound gets drowned by the wind
  • It tends to vibrate the face
  • Ambient noise interferes with the music

Are you looking for the best bone conduction headphones for good-sounding music? The Aftershokz Titanium Bone-Conduction headphones provide great music and free your ears to listen to ambient noise. Besides, the headphones are comfortable enough to wear for a long time without pressuring or fatiguing your ears.

Furthermore, the headphone set is compatible with multiple devices, including Android & iOS phones, MacBook, and PC. It connects via fast Bluetooth V4.1 for multipoint pairing when you need it. Therefore, the headphones can help you stream music, videos, movies, and in-game sound simultaneously from several compatible devices.

Additionally, the headphones have a lightweight titanium wraparound headband that makes them comfortable for prolonged use. Because of that, you won’t experience unnecessary pressure over your head no matter how long you wear the headphones. It also provides a long battery life, delivering high-quality music for at least six hours of continuous play.

Moreover, the headphones feature the Premium Pitch technology that provides rich bass and dynamic sound range, highlighting minute details. Besides, the headphones reduce natural sound leakage using the Leaks layer technology, maintaining high audio quality.

Finally, IP55-certified Aftershokz headphones are waterproof and sweat-resistant, making them great for workouts, running, or cycling.

2. Aftershokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones


  • Louder
  • Long battery life
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable


  • Troublesome Bluetooth
  • Multipoint pairing doesn’t work

The reengineered Aftershokz Aeropex delivers better sound than most of the other bone conduction headphones. Therefore, it gives you 50 percent more volume, reduced sound leakage, and dynamic stereo sound using PremiumPitch 2.0+.

Besides, its revolutionary bone-conduction tech keeps you alert of the environmental situation even as you listen to your favorite. You could wear it while driving on the road and respond to emergencies better than before.

Moreover, this pair of headphones comes with a rechargeable battery, providing an 8-hour battery life. Because of that, you will get to listen to your favorite music until the next time you need to recharge it. Besides, on standby, the battery can take you through ten days.

The IP67-rated headphones are waterproof and sweat-resistant and are great for running, cycling, and jogging in dry and wet conditions. Besides, it weighs only 1 ounce, making it the most lightweight headphones from the Afterchokz brand. It is, therefore, more comfortable than many of the company’s other headphones.

3. Aftershokz Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Bone-Conduction Headphones


  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof
  • Long battery life


  • Some users found them too huge
  • Uncomfortable

As an industry pioneer, Aftershokz delivers innovative bone-conduction headphones that deliver high-quality sound while leaving your ears open. Therefore, instead of wearing the earphones over your ears or into the ears, you rest them on your cheekbone. Consequently, the soundwaves travel along with your bones towards the auditory canal to deliver high-quality music.

Besides, the headphones are lightweight, holding onto your ears comfortably and securely so that you use them for long hours without feeling uncomfortable. But the comfort isn’t just because of the lightweight design. Instead, the partly titanium frame holds the headphones softly yet firmly, never letting go.

Since it is IP55 waterproof, the headphones can repel moisture, sweat, water, and dust. Therefore, you can use them for your workouts or in the rain. Still, the headphones deliver a 6-hour battery life for continuous music play throughout the day. Thus, you can use it during the working day and recharge it once you get home in the evening.

As a precaution, wearing them while jogging necessitates that you adorn the reflective strips (included) so that road users like motorists can see you.

4. Aftershokz Aeropex Open-Ear Wireless Bone-Conduction Headphones


  • Features a multifunction button
  • Great sound quality
  • Waterproof


  • Loud signal beeps
  • Not quite fitting

One of the essential features of headphones (regardless of the technology) is multi-functional button control. The Aftershokz Aeropex Open-Ear Bone-Conduction Headphones a button and many other impressive features. Hence, it controls the play, pause, track skipping, pause, call-answering, and voice assistant activation.

Moreover, as one of the best conduction headphones, it features a patented technology to deliver premium audio quality via the cheekbone into the auditory canal. Since it doesn’t block your ears, the headphones allow you to remain tuned in to the happenings in your environment.

Furthermore, lightweight headphones for long hours won’t weigh you down, primarily because of the pain-free and bud-free design. Thanks to the long battery life, you can wear headphones on a flight from New York to London (8 hours) without worrying about recharging them.

Still, the headphones come with great dual-noise-canceling mics and crystal clear speakers for more precise music and in-call audio. It has an IP67 rating, making it waterproof and ready to resist workout sweat and water in wet conditions.

5. Aftershokz Open-Ear Wireless Bone- Conduction Headphones


  • Works with multiple platforms
  • Long battery life
  • Prevents noise leakage
  • It comes with reflective bands


  • Unsteady connection
  • May die unexpectedly

The Aftershokz Open-Ear Trekz Wireless Bone-Conduction Headphones have Bluetooth V4.2 connectivity and multipoint pairing compatible with multiple devices. Thus, you can use it with your Android & iOS phones, MacBooks, PC laptops & computers, and Mac computers.

Besides, the headphones have revolutionary bone-conduction capabilities, providing you with a tremendous musical experience while remaining aware of environmental noise. Still, as one of the best bone-conduction headphones, they are lightweight, making it possible to wear them without feeling uncomfortable.

Moreover, the headphones have a 6-hour battery life, helping you make calls or listen to music for a long time without recharging. Its high-quality sound comes from proprietary PremiumPitch technology, which provides rich bass, expansive dynamic range, and stereo surround sound.

Furthermore, it features the leaks layer technology for preventing natural sound leakage to a great extent. Whenever you want to make clear calls, the dual-noise-canceling mics block out ambient noise, delivering unparalleled voice quality.

As part of helping you to remain safe on the road, the manufacturers include brilliant reflective bands for adhering to bikes, shoes, and helmets to keep you visible to other road users.

6. Aftershokz Air Open-Ear Wireless Bone Conduction Headphones


  • Comfortable design
  • High-quality sound
  • Long battery life


  • Not for those with small heads
  • Not as loud

Being among the best bone conduction headphones from Aftershokz, this product shares several characteristics with the previous five. However, we shall not dwell on the similarities but focus more on the headphone’s unique features. Examples of its unique selling points include the fresh, organic, wraparound design. Consequently, lighter by more than 20 percent compared to other headphones, making it for all-day listening.

Still, it features Bluetooth Vc4.2 connectivity and multipoint pairing, making it great for Android & iOS phones and tablets. It also works with MacBook, Mac computers, and PC laptops. Once it connects to a device, the headphones will maintain a lag-free connection until you finish using it.

One thing you must give up for Aftershokz is its unique bone-conduction technology that delivers high-quality audio without covering your ears. Thus, they provide excellent sound through your cheekbones, helping you enjoy music even as you follow the occurrences in the environment.

Furthermore, it uses the PremiumPitch Plus technology for the richest bass and dynamic stereo surround sound. It has a 20 Hz to 20 kHz frequency range and a 6-hour battery life for uninterruptible calls and music on a single charge.

7. Bone-Conduction Headphones Bluetooth V5.0 – Vidonn F1 Sports Open-Ear Wireless Headset


  • Fast Bluetooth connectivity
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof
  • 12-month warranty


  • A little too large
  • Not comfortable

Since it is one of the best bone conduction headphones, the Vidonn F1 Sports Open-Ear Wireless Headset features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity. It is, therefore, faster than any other Bluetooth version on the market today. Consequently, you get faster wireless pairing and a stable connection over a 33-foot radius.

It is an excellent pair of bone-conduction headphones, helping you to remain alert to ambient sound while enjoying your music. Consequently, they enable you to avoid danger while walking, running, or riding on the road and hear work instructions.

Besides, the Vidonn F1 is a fast-charging headphone, filling the battery in under two hours and delivering a 6-hour battery life. Similarly, the 180 mAh lithium-ion battery offers a 10-day standby time, meaning it stays even longer when not in use.

It has an ergonomic, secure-fit design; the headphone remains comfortable throughout when worn for long a long time. It is, therefore, meant for those who wear headphones while playing sports since no amount of activity can make them fall off your head.

Additionally, it has an IP55 rating, making it suitable for sweaty sports and water-drenching outdoor activities. However, if anything happens to the headphones, you invoke a 12-month warranty to get a new pair from the manufacturer.

8. Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones


  • Fact Bluetooth connectivity
  • Multiplatform
  • One-size-fits-all
  • One-year warranty


  • Not long-lasting
  • Short battery life

Cyclists deserve headphones that make it possible to listen to good music and keep track of ambient noise at the same time. That’s because they need to avoid accidents and other dangerous situations involving other road users.

Enter the Tayogo Bone Conduction Headphones capable of transmitting sound via your cheekbone to the eardrums. With these headphones, you get to enjoy high-quality music without blocking out noise from the environment.

Besides, it features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, which is the industry’s latest and fastest. It works together with multipoint pairing to hook you up to your Android & iOS smartphones and tablets. Still, it works well with PC laptops & computers, MacBook, Mac computers, etc. Every time you hook it to the source device, you will get stable performance and high-fidelity stereo surround sound quality within a 35-foot radius.

According to the manufacturers, the one-size-fits-all device is excellent for all types of users. The company also advises buyers to use the company’s refund policy whenever the headphones are ill-fitting. Besides, it has a one-year warranty for other types of non-user damages.

9. Bone-Conduction Bluetooth 5.0 Vidonn F1 Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Sports Headset


  • Advanced Bluetooth
  • Wide-range Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Lightweight
  • Ergonomic design


  • Flimsy multiplatform use
  • Complaints about poor customer service

The Vidonn Titanium Open-Ear Wireless Sports Headset manufacturers present it as one of the best bone conduction headsets for work, gym, running, cycling, and other activities. That’s all because of its open-ear bone-conduction technology, delivering soundwaves to the eardrum through the cheekbone. Consequently, your ears remain open to listening to any noise arising from the environment.

Besides, it features Bluetooth V5.0 connectivity, the industry’s latest and most advanced for fast and stable connection in a 35-foot radius. You have to stay within that range to listen to uninterruptible explicit music while receiving or making crystal clear phone calls.

Furthermore, the headphones’ ergonomic, anti-drop, lightweight design features a flexible titanium wraparound headband for more portability and durability. Thus, you can wear headphones comfortably while doing sports and never worry about them coming loose.

Finally, it has a 180mAh lithium-ion battery that recharges in 2 hours to provide 6 hours of talk time or music playback. Therefore, you get longer outdoor service time and up to 10 days on standby.

10. IVY Bone-Conduction Headphones Wireless Bluetooth Earphones


  • Lightweight
  • Long battery life
  • Waterproof


  • Hard to use
  • It might be too small

One of the best things about the IVY bone-conduction headphones is their ability to give you total environmental awareness while listening to your favorite music. That’s because the headphones don’t block your ears, making them suitable for individuals running, jogging, or cycle on roads with lots of traffic.

Additionally, it features Titanium and ABS materials, giving it a little 33-gram weight. Its ergonomic design allows exact fitting by easing the binding. Therefore, the headphones remain stable and comfortable for a long time.

Furthermore, the headphones have the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology for stable connection and fast pairing within a 33-foot radius with zero lag or delay. Still, its IP55 rating makes it suitable for use in the gym, jogging, running, cycling, or wet conditions. That’s because it is waterproof and won’t get damaged with exposure to water or sweat.

One of the best bone conduction headphones features a 200mAh lithium-ion battery that recharges in 2 hours for 6 hours of talk time and playback. Also, the device has a 10-day standby time and two multifunction buttons for easy control over your music, phone calls, and volume.

Best Bone Conduction Headphones – The Bottom Line

If you would like a pair of open-ear, bone-conduction headphones, look no further than this. Each of the models above comes with standout features that make it a must-have for most users. It doesn’t matter if you are a runner, cyclist, or driver. Getting a pair of bone-conduction headphones can keep you safe on a busy road. Luckily for you, the detailed descriptions above should help you choose the best possible product for your enjoyment. Don’t hesitate to get the very best among them!

Best 2-In-1 Laptops under 600

Best 2-in-1 laptops under 600 are for those looking for high-quality machines at an affordable price. Since these machines have a compact design, they are great for on-the-go computing. Then come with impressive features, making it possible to put them to broad applications. While a majority of these laptops support basic applications like word processing, others are more advanced. However, knowing the convertible laptop to purchase can be a problem, especially for the inexperienced. That’s an issue that this comprehensive review of the best convertible laptops addresses. Let’s delve deep into it!

best 2-in-1 laptops under 600
A lady using a laptop

Best Touchscreen 2-in-1 Chromebook

1. 2020 Lenovo 11.6-Inch Convertible Chromebook


  • A long battery life
  • Fast loading
  • Several ports
  • Wide-viewing


  • It lacks a backlit screen
  • Seems refurbished
  • Heavier in tablet mode

One of the primary considerations that go into buying a laptop is the price, which should be affordable and within your budget. One of the most affordable yet feature-filled laptops is the 2020 Lenovo 11.6-Inch Convertible Chromebook. It features an 11.6-inch full-HD display with IPS technology for wide viewing angles. Besides, it is the best 2-in-1 Chromebook with a touchscreen display on the market today.

Instead of an HDD, the laptop comes with a 32 GB eMMC SSD drive acting as the primary storage. It features a 4 GB LPDDR3 SDRAM with a 1.3GHz processor speed. Besides, the Quad-Core can boost the speed up to 2.16 GHz, making the computer very fast. One of the best 2-in-1 laptops integrates Type-A USB, Type-C USB, and HDMI ports. It also has a microphone/headphone combo jack for connecting your headphones and speakers. Finally, it has a 720 HD webcam for high-quality Zoom meetings.


  • Three-cell lithium metal battery
  • 10-hour battery life
  • Fast-loading 32 GB eMMC SSD drive
  • USB Type-A, USB Type-C, and HDMI ports.
  • 11.6-inch full-HD display for wide-viewing
  • Revolutionary IPS tech
  • Integrated speakers
  • 720p HD webcam
  • 4GB Soldered LPDDR3-1866 Memory
  • 802.11a/g/n/ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 3.5mm auxiliary jack
  • Chrome OS

Best 2-In-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop under $400

2. Dell Inspiron 14-Inch 5481, 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop


  • Feature a bigger display
  • Fast SSD drive
  • Impressive graphics


  • Tied to Microsoft Store
  • Lacks IPS display

Are you looking for a cheap convertible laptop? The Dell Inspiron 14-Inch 5481, 2-in-1 Convertible Touchscreen Laptop is affordable and features a more prominent display. Its full-HD, 1366 x 768 backlit provides some of the most vivid graphics among convertible laptops. Because of that and other reasons, it is the best 2-in-1 touchscreen laptop for under $400. Besides, it features the Windows 10 S Home edition for word processing, streaming videos, and browsing the internet.

Furthermore, the hardware part of things is equally impressive, starting with the 620 UHD Graphics card. Because of that, the laptop provides some of the best visuals in the affordable laptops range. Besides, the CPU is the 8thGen Intel Core-i3-8145u Processor with 3.9 maximum speed and a 4MB cache. It contains a 128GB solid-state drive SSD for high-speed files, music, game, and program loading speeds.


  • A large 14-inch FHD Touchscreen display
  • 620 Intel UHD Graphics card
  • Windows 10 S Home operating system
  • 3.9 GHz processor speed.
  • I128GB M.2 PCIe SSD Drive
  • 8gbth-Gen Intel Core-i3-8145U processor
  • 4GB DDR4, 2.6GHz RAM

Best Nano-Edge 2-In-1 Laptop

3. Asus Chromebook Flip C434 2-In-1 Laptop


  • Lightweight
  • Fast loading
  • Durable
  • Large display
  • Rotates 360 degrees


  • Invisible keyboard
  • Develops some lag
  • Not so good performance

Low-priced laptops with a thin bezel are so hard to find that tech enthusiasts covet them. A good example is the Asus Nano-Edge 2-In-1 laptop with a narrow bezel that makes the screen look 13-inch instead of 14-inch. Besides, the display a full-HD touchscreen standing strong hinges with a 360-degree angle.

Furthermore, the laptops feature the more modern Chrome OS that works perfectly with apps from the Google Store. Since the storage is small, you can save most of your files in the cloud via Google Drive. Besides Chrome OS, you get an antivirus, fast boot, automatic updates, and long service. Apart from your favorite Google Apps, you can download others from other providers.

Moreover, the encasing is an all-metallic aluminum cover, providing a durable, elegant finish. As one of the best 2-in-1 laptops, the machine has an Intel Core-m3-8100Y, a 3.4GHz speed, and a 4MB cache. Still, it has a 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM and a fast-loading 64 GB SSD eMMC drive. Whenever you want to attach extra peripherals, you can use the USB Type-A USB (one) or USB Type-C USB (two) ports.


  • 14-inch FHD touchscreen for an edge-to-edge display
  • Lightweight, durable, and elegant aluminum cover
  • 3.4 GHz processor speed
  • USB Type-A port, USB Type-C,
  • Pre-installed antivirus
  • Chrome OS
  • 360-degree hinges
  • Core m3-8100Y processor
  • 64GB eMMC SSD storage
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • 802.11b/a/ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
A laptop serves many purposes

4. 2020 Newest HP Pavilion 15-Inch HD Touchscreen Laptop


  • A large display
  • Fast loading
  • Allows multitasking
  • It has several connectivity options


  • Complaints about disconnecting Wi-Fi
  • Some users didn’t like the display
  • It has a flimsy keyboard

The latest version of the HP Pavilion 15-inch 2-in-1 laptop has an Intel Quad-Core i5-8265U processor that delivers a 3.9GHz speed. When it first came out, the computer has 4 GB DDR4 RAM that was later upgraded to 8 GB DDR4 and is now 16GB DDR4. Therefore, this convertible laptop is ideal for multitasking, like running multiple browser tabs, applications, and programs without problems.

Furthermore, one of the best 2-in-1 laptops under $600 has a 512GB SSD which is big enough to store files and fast-loading. Whenever you open documents, music files, videos, and games, you will experience fast-loading speeds. Whether you are a business executive, a student, or a home user, this 2-in-1 laptop packs everything you need.

Still, it has several connectivity options, including USB Type-A (two), USB Type-C (one), and HDMI (one) ports. The laptop also has one combo microphone/headphone jack for all your audio needs. As one of the best 2-in-1 laptops under-600, the machine features a 15-inch backlit touchscreen for a more prominent display than similar laptops.

Besides, it comes with a NexiGo Wireless Mouse and an AA battery to power it. You don’t have to worry about an operating system since it has pre-installed Windows 10. Thus, you can get started you’re your work immediately you get this machine


  • 16 GB DDR4 SDRAM same time.
  • 512 GB SSD drive
  • USB Type-A (two), USB Type-C (one), and HDMI ports
  • Windows 10 OS
  • 10th-gen Intel Core-i5 1035G1 processor
  • 15.6-inch HD touchscreen display
  • 3.6GHz processor speed
  • Wireless mouse and an AA battery
  • It has a massive 15-inch HD display
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Bluetooth
  • 4.99-pound weight
  • Lithium-ion battery

Best 2-In-1 HD Touchscreen Laptop

5. ASUS VivoBook Flip 14-Inch Thin-and-Light 2-In-1 HD Touchscreen Laptop


  • Proves wide-viewing angle
  • Lightweight
  • Fast-loading
  • All-day battery


  • May crash unexpectedly
  • Reports of poor customer service
  • Poor visuals

If you want the best 2-in-1 HD touchscreen laptop, look no further than this. The powerful, efficient ASUS VivoBook Flip features an Intel Celeron N4000 processor, making it great for essential functions. Besides, it has a 1.1 GHz to 2.6 GHz frequency range, which is impressive by any standards.

As one of the best 2-in-1 laptops under-600, the machine has 4 GB LPDDR4 RAM and 64GB SSD eMMC storage. Thus, it is great for everyday home and office applications. Furthermore, the laptop has a glossy 14-inch screen with a Nano-Edge Full-HD display and an ultra-thin bezel for a wide-angle view. The touchscreen function provides additional input functionality and convenience.

Moreover, its chassis features a lightweight, sturdy, and durable aluminum metal cover, making it stylish and long-lasting. The convertible laptop has a pre-installed Windows 10 Home S Operating System, making it possible to install favorite applications. Still, users get a one-year Office 365subscription on buying this laptop.


  • Intel Celeron N4000 processor
  • 1.1 GHz to 2.6 GHz processor speed
  • Gloss 14-inch Full-HD touchscreen
  • Pre-installed Windows 10 Operating System
  • One-year Office 365 subscription
  • Durable, lightweight aluminum chassis
  • Wide-viewing angle
  • Windows 10 Home S Mode
  • 3.3-pound weight
  • Integrated fingerprint sensor
  • 64GB embedded SSD drive
  • Bluetooth
  • 802.11ac Wi-Fi
  • Intel UHD 600 Graphics Card
  • Lithium-ion 19-volt battery
Best 2-in-1 laptops under 600 can serve educational purposes

Best 2-In-1 Laptops under 600 Buying Guide

The changing tech landscape now makes it possible for you to find one of the best 2-in-1 laptops under 600 across different brands. However, it could be hard to choose the proper convertible laptop if you are a first-time buyer. Thus, we have put together this definitive guide to show you the factors to consider when purchasing an affordable 2-in-one laptop.

The Intended Purpose

Now that price isn’t a significant issue (we are featuring the best 2-in-1 laptops under $600), pay attention to the purpose of the machine. Perhaps you want to use your device for saving music, videos, video games, and movies. Consequently, you should purchase one with more extensive storage to carry the bulky files. Or, you want a gaming laptop, which means you should look at the storage drive, processor, and graphics card. That too applies to those who want a computer for graphic design. Therefore, you should check out storage, processor, graphics card, display, and memory to choose a good convertible laptop.

Processor Type and Power

The best 2-in-1 laptops under 600 can have various processor types, including the following:

  • Intel Core i3: This dual-core processor commonly features multi-functional computers and is affordable. Besides, the processor works the best computers for web browsing, video streaming, word processing, and running utility apps. Even though not very powerful, the Core i3 processor is a great 2-in-1 laptop, making it affordable.
  • Intel Core i5: For those looking for a quad-core processor that needs no hyper-threading, stop here. Still, a Core i5 processor allows your computer to run programs and games with zero issues. Even though a workhorse, the Core i5 processor is affordable and commonly found in the best 2-in-1 laptops under 600.
  • Intel Core i7: The Core-i7 is also a quad-core processor that generates high-quality caches with hyper-threading. It, therefore, allows all software and games to run with zero issues. Furthermore, some of the best convertible laptops under 600 feature this processor.

Apart from focusing on the processor types above, it would help if you also looked at the generation it features in. so far, 2-in-1 laptops have up to 10th-generation processors, compared to more powerful laptops, which could have up to 12th generation. At the same time, the more expensive machines may feature the latest Intel Core-i9 and Inte1 Core-i11 processors.

Software Needs

The best affordable 2-in-1 laptop supports most tasks like note-taking, word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation design. Additionally, you can use it for web browsing, social media, emailing, and video streaming. However, for power-hungry activities like graphic design, video editing, graphic design, 3D animation, and music production, you need a more powerful laptop. That’s because such a machine allows you to merge images with sounds effects with zero lag. If you can find a detachable laptop with very high processing power, you would have no problem achieving that.

Supported Resolution

The best 2-in-1 laptops come with varied display types ranging from HD to 4K, depending on the quality of the machine. If all you want is a convertible laptop for word processing and browsing, then the lowest screen resolution would do just fine. However, if you’re going to watch full-HD videos and play video games, you should have the highest possible screen resolution. However, that has to match head-to-head with impressive processing power, RAM, and graphics card, especially for streaming full-HD and 4K movies.

Laptop Display Size

A 2-in-1 laptop’s display size determines its purpose. Therefore, detachable laptops with a large display can serve as great entertainment units compared to those with a smaller display. On the other hand, the latter is the best for on-the-go word processing, browsing, and spreadsheets. The most common 2-in-1 laptop sizes include 1.6-inch, 13.3-inch, 14-inch, and 15.6-inch. Even as you pick one that suits your needs, remember that larger convertible laptops may cost more.

Detachable or Convertible

The best 2-in-1 laptops can either be detachable or convertible. But what is the difference between the Detachable laptops are tablets with clasp-held keyboards, converting into a laptop when you attach the keyboard. However, when you remove the keyboard, the machine becomes a tablet. Furthermore, detachable laptops are smaller than their convertible counterparts.

This review featured convertible laptops with 360-degree movable hinges for folding the keyboard back and forth. When you fold the keyboard back, the machine becomes a tablet. However, when the keyboard folds to the front, the device serves as a laptop. Therefore, the machines are more considerable than detachable laptops, giving them more extensive storage, expansive display, high processing speed, more functionality, and longer battery life.

Best 2-In-1 Laptops Under 600 – The Bottom Line

If you need an affordable convertible laptop, look no further than the five models reviewed above. Besides the reasonable price, they have impressive features that can give you a good user experience.  If you wish, don’t hesitate to compare all the best 2-in-1 laptops under $600 to find one that serves your needs. Furthermore, you should pay attention to other aspects to avoid settling purchasing a bad machine. Consequently, you will be happy with getting an affordable, versatile, and durable laptop.

Best Laptops for College and School

Best laptops for college and school students provide an easy way to complete assignments, projects, and class presentations. With the coming of COVID-19 restrictions, students have no option but to do some of their lessons online. Besides, some students use laptops as part of their coursework. Therefore, buying a college and school laptop is necessary for everyone who hopes to succeed in an increasingly digitized world. But many students find it hard to pick the right laptop for college. So we have reviewed ten of the best laptops for college students and provides a comprehensive buying guide to help them decide easily. Read on for more.

A student using a laptop in a library

1. Apple MacBook Pro 15-Inch

Here is one of the best laptops for college and school students since it is versatile, robust, and high-capacity. That and more is the perfect description for the Apple MacBook Pro 15-inch that comes ready for these tasks. Even though released in 2019, its features mimic that of a modern machine. For example, it has the 8th-gen Intel Core-i7, Intel Core-i8, and Intel Core-i9 processors. Thus, it can accommodate virtually any program you choose.

Additionally, its powerful AMD Radeon Pro 555X GPU graphics card is excellent for graphic design and video production students. Consequently, you will come up with the best projects for your graphic design course. It has a 4GB video memory for unwinding with your favorite video games after lectures.

It has ultrafast 2TB SSD storage that enables you to open files and programs in a flash. Besides, it features an improved keyboard for extremely quiet keystrokes whenever you are working. If you take the laptop to the library, you won’t worry about making noise. Therefore, this laptop is the best for students in schools and colleges where absolute silence is necessary.


  • Powerful processor
  • Has powerful AMD graphics
  • 2TB SSD storage


  • Costlier than most other laptops
  • Reports of the keyboard being noisy
  • It doesn’t come with HDMI and USB-A ports

2. Apple MacBook Air 13-Inch Retina Display

The 2019 Apple MacBook Air has a fresh design with a 13-inch screen with the latest Retinal Display technology. It, therefore, provides the best possible graphics for successful school projects and gaming when unwinding. Furthermore, the laptop lets you open it using the secure Touch ID for extra machine and information security.

One of this laptop’s best features is the proprietary keyboard with quiet keystrokes, making it ideal for use in a library. It also has a highly responsive force-touch trackpad, rendering it easy to use, even for inexperienced users.

Moreover, this laptop boasts of the 8th-gen Intel Core i5 that supports lighter and heavier programs. It also features an Intel 616UHD Graphics  Card for high-resolution graphics, pictures, and videos. Other specifications include the fast, concise, and effortless 256GB SSD storage and 8GB memory for loading videos and games in a breeze. Besides, the 12-hour battery life makes the laptop ideal for off-grid operations.


  • Elegant design
  • Features a great display
  • 12-hour battery life


  • A troublesome webcam
  • Lacks most ports

3. Lenovo IdeaPad L 340 Gaming Laptop, 15.6-Inch FHD

Don’t be deceived. Being a student is not all work. You, like everyone else, need some playtime to unwind and get ready for the next day’s classes. So having a functional laptop isn’t enough. Instead, it should deliver standout gaming power for leisure time. With its gaming laptop features, the Lenovo IdeaPad L340 is an affordable option for gaming enthusiasts.

But what are its most remarkable features? Since it is one of the best laptops for college and school use, it features a GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card for once for running your video games with zero latency. Besides, the laptop has 4GB of video RAM to load your videos much faster and play all kinds of video games.

Another thing that makes this a great work and gaming laptop is the large display for vivid images. It is, therefore, great for streaming videos and watching TV programs on the go. Besides, the computer has a robust build quality making it last for all your school or college years. How else would you want your computer to be?


  • A gaming laptop for relaxation after studies
  • It comes with solid graphics capabilities
  • It has a large screen


  • It doesn’t have a perfect battery life
  • A limited number of ports

4. Huawei MateBook X-Pro Signature Edition Thin & Light Laptop

Fresher high school and college students need a robust, long-lasting laptop like the Huawei MateBook X Pro. The powerful machine can last through your four years of college life without breaking down. Besides, the student laptop is compact, lightweight, and ideal for daily backpacking. Yet, unlike similar laptops, it wouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Moreover, it features a sleek, attractive chassis measuring 0.57 inches thick. The laptop is also lightweight, weighing only 2.93 pounds. It has a 13.9-inch touchscreen 3K display with  3,000 x 2,000 screen resolution, 1500 to 1 contrast ratio, and 260 PPI.  Besides displaying your videos and video games vividly, the computer is perfect for students taking graphic design and video editing courses.

The Windows 10 Home Signature Edition laptop has Windows Hello authentication on startup. Its Core-i7 8550U 8th-gen makes the computer 40 percent more potent than its predecessor. Finally, the laptop features the 2nd-gen Dolby ATMOS capabilities provides the best possible audio always.


  • An affordable school/college laptop
  • More powerful performance than the predecessor
  • High-resolution display


  • The battery life isn’t awe-inspiring
  • The touchscreen is prone to breaking
  • It has a cheap-looking trackpad
Students with their laptops in school

5. 2018 Flagship Dell-Inspiron 11.6-Inch HD Chromebook

Students hardly have the money to splash on a top-range computer, yet their schoolwork and entertainment needs can’t wait. In that case, you need an entry-level laptop like the 2018 Flagship Dell Inspiron that promises excellent performance for a modest price. The student laptop has a 16GB SSD drive and 4GB RAM, making it ideal for typing notes, assignments, and academic papers.

Furthermore, it has an energy-efficient 11.6-inch display with decent graphics thanks to the built-in Intel HD 400 Graphics card. That might not be good enough for playing graphics-heavy video games, but it can still stream vivid videos.

The laptop has dedicated USB ports and a micro-SD card reader, compensating for the less-than-average storage capacity. Thus, you can attach an external SSD or HDD to store bigger files. The 2GB Intel Dual-Core Celeron processor is robust enough to support basic typing and video streaming with the light Chrome OS.


  • Affordable
  • Ability to access Google products
  • Features standard ports


  • Smaller display
  • Low-capacity storage

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6. HP 2-In-1 12.3-Inch Touchscreen Chromebook

If you are looking for a small, compact laptop to carry between classes, we recommend the HP 2-in-1 Chromebook. It features an energy-saving 12.3-inch screen for displaying class notes and assignments. With the 4GB LPDDR3 SD RAM, you can easily carry research relevant materials over the internet.

Besides, the Chromebook has a 32GB eMMC storage that’s big enough to store documents of all types, albeit temporarily. It also has a 5MP front and 13MP rear camera respective. For additional storage capacity, attach an external SSD or HDD using any of the included USB Type-C ports.

Thanks to the Chrome OS, users can access numerous Google Storer apps, including a word processor. It is the perfect laptop for students on a tight budget and cannot do without a good laptop. However, if you can afford a more powerful machine, look elsewhere.


  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled
  • Front and back cameras
  • Expandable memory


  • The display has an irritating bright spot
  • Slow performance
  • Internal storage limited to 32GB

7. Microsoft Surface Laptop 2 Core-i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB

As a student, the best laptop is one you can use on the go, folding easily, putting it in a backpack, and heading off to class. Besides, the Microsoft Surface is a lightweight laptop, weighing only 2.76 pounds for ultra-portability. With the 14.5-hour battery life, you can carry it to a class and never worry about charging it until you return home.

Furthermore, this is one of the best laptops for college and school since it comes in various colors, helping you choose one that works for you. So, you can choose anything ranging from cobalt blue to burgundy to platinum. The computer comes with Windows 10 Home edition, which is great for school and college work.

It has a 13.5-inch Pixel Sense Display touchscreen for more input options besides the touchpad and keyboard. Moreover, its 8th-gen Intel Core-i5 processors make it speedier than the laptop’s previous version.


  • Lightweight
  • 14.5-hour battery life
  • It has a touchscreen


  • Reports of the machine never powering on
  • Lacks Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C ports
A laptop in a student’s room

8. Dell XPS-15 9570 15.6-Inch Laptop

This particular computer is the bigger version of the Dell XPS 13. However, the two machines have similar features like the bezel-free InfinityEdge display, barring the screen size. Thanks to its larger display,  the Dell XPS 15 is excellent for those who want to play games and watch 4K movies. Besides, the touchscreen function gives you more input options besides the usual touchpad and keyboard.

This laptop is highly portable, making it great for on-the-go use. Additionally, it has an Nvidia GTX 1050Ti mobile graphics card that can handle just about any 1080P video game. That feature is also great for streaming videos and movies.

The 8th-gen Intel Core-i7 8570H processor, 16GB RAM with 4GHz, makes the laptop blazingly fast. It is, therefore, a good student laptop for those taking graphics-related courses. At the end of the day, when you are through with all your assignments, you can relax by watching a movie or playing your favorite video game.


  • It comes with a good webcam
  • A powerful, great-performing machine
  • Features a bezel-less screen


  • A paltry battery-life
  • Costly

9. Acer Aspire E-15, 15.6-Inch Full HD

Students often need laptops with the capacity to store small files, games, videos, and music files. Because of that, they need high-capacity machines like the Acer Aspire E-15 laptop with a 1TB HDD. None of the devices featured in this review can attain that.

Besides, it has an Intel Core-i3 8130U processor for 2.2GHz to 3.2GHz speed, making program, video, and game loading extremely easy. The laptop features preinstalled Windows Home Edition and Microsoft 365 Home, making it easier for you to start on your assignments sooner without upgrading anything.

Furthermore, the 15.6-inch full-HD display provides crystal-clear images, videos, and in-game graphics. Since it is widescreen, you can work efficiently without straining. Besides, its remarkable 13.5-hour battery life makes it great for off-grip operations.


  • 1TB storage
  • 15.6-inch crystal clear display
  • 13.5-hour battery life


  • A dim screen
  • System may crash

10. ASUS ZenBook UX333FA-DH51 Laptop

If you are looking for a small enough laptop for on-the-go video editing and graphic design, the ASUS ZenBook UX333FA-DH51 is all you need. Even though compact, the laptop packs a lot of power with the 8th-gen Intel Core-i5 8265U processor. It loads programs, games, and videos quickly. Besides, it has zero lag time when playing video games, making it a must-have for modern college students.

The 13.3-inch full-HD display provides crystal-clear videos and vivid in-game graphics. That ensures not only detailed images but also believable illustrations. Besides, one of the best laptops for college and school comes with an onboard 8GB LPDDR3 RAM for fast file and program loading.

The laptop has 256GB SSD storage, making it easier for you to load your programs and open your files. Compared to notebooks with smaller SSD disks, this high-capacity machine can carry loads of files. It also features several USB ports to connect useful peripheral devices like external hard disks and flash disks. On the other hand, the HDMI ports make displaying contents on a bigger screen or a projector extremely easy.


  • It comes with a long-lasting battery
  • It has several USB and HDMI ports
  • An affordable laptop


  • It doesn’t have an optical drive
  • Lacks a micro-SD adapter
  • Reports about issues with the trackpad
A college student grinding hard on a laptop

Best Laptops for College and School Buying Guide

Are you a student in a school or college? If so, you need a laptop to research, link with teachers, write papers, and create presentations. The best time to buy a computer is usually at the beginning of the school year. But how do you know the correct laptop model to pick? It can be challenging for you to understand what you need as a student. That’s because the budget is an issue, and you may buy the laptop with a student loan or your parent’s money.

After reading this comprehensive buying guide, you will be able to pick the right laptop. In it, we discuss factors that will concern the most as a student. Let’s get going.

The Course or Curriculum

The computing needs of students differ based on the course they are taking. Therefore, your degree or diploma program is the most significant consideration when buying a laptop. Consequently, some students may want primary Chromebooks for sending emails, browsing the web, and word processing. Chromebooks are cheaper, going for $200 or less, making them great for students on a tight budget.

However, for video editing, 3D modeling, or CAD drawing courses, a robust college laptop is a must-have. in that case, a high-capacity processor, ideally 8th-gen Intel Core-i7, is desirable. Also, it should have at least 8GB RAM, 500GB SSD, and an 8GB graphics card. With these impressive specs, you should be ready to afford the at least $800 price tag for Windows laptops. MacBook computers may cost more than $1,000, which could be beyond reach for most students.

The Display Size

The display size affects a laptop’s ease of use and overall weight. If you want a backpacking laptop, purchase one with a 15.6-inch display or less. Apart from fitting into any bag, the student laptop is light enough for on-the-go use. Besides, laptops with 13.3 or 12.3-inch display sizes are even more lightweight. However, smaller displays make the laptop too uncomfortable to use, mainly because of the small-size fonts. Therefore, you should consider that while choosing the ideal screen size for a school laptop. However, the weight shouldn’t be more than 4.5 pounds for you to carry it easily.

Two-In-One Laptop

Sometimes, you may need a machine that’s much more than just a laptop with two-in-one functionality. The market has laptops with detachable keyboards, serving as a tablet after detaching the keyboards. As soon as you reattach the keyboard, the machine becomes a laptop all over again.

However, a two-in-one laptop requires the recharging of the keyboard every time you want to use it. Also, you might have to pay for the detachable keyboard separately. Additionally, the machine has a smaller display of at least 9.7 inches, making it difficult to use. Also, you cannot use it while on your hips since the rear-hinge design renders it overly uncomfortable.

Storage Capacity

A college laptop’s storage capacity determines the volume of files you can save on it. Consequently, those who intend to store videos and video games on their laptops would quickly choose a computer with a 1TB HDD. But not everyone wants a high-capacity laptop, preferring one with a low-capacity SSD. Regardless of their size, solid-state drive (SSD) storage is faster when booting and loading files. Furthermore, an SSD drive boosts the machine’s battery life since it doesn’t have any moving parts.

SSD storage may start from 32GB to 2GB, depending on the machine. At 32GB SSD, you will get an affordable Chromebook for simple tasks like word processing, browsing, and emailing. Therefore, most of your files will go straight on the cloud with Google Drive or One Drive. However, that sacrifice in storage capacity means you can stream movies and video games instead of storing them on the machine.

Need For Microsoft Office

A good student laptop should have a word processor, spreadsheet manager, and presentation builder at the very basic. As long as you can prepare assignments and make class presentations, you are good to go. Besides, you can use Microsoft Office 365 for Education, available to teachers and students free of charge. Use a lawful school email address to sign in and access basic programs without paying a cent.

Alternatively, the M-Word, MS-PowerPoint, and MS-Excel free versions are downloadable for all Android and iOS. Thus, you can use these free programs to write your assignments and term papers quickly. Besides, Google Docs, a free cloud application, can make your work more accessible if you have a Chromebook. Or you may use WPS Office or LibreOffice without paying a cent. Unless you have the money, it isn’t necessary to pay for the fully-fledged Microsoft Office Pro Suite.

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Additional Features Of the Best Laptops for College and School Students

When buying the best laptops for college and school students, the following are some of the additional features to consider following:

  • Processor: Regardless of the intended purpose, a student laptop’s processor speed is a crucial consideration. However, computers for graphic design or video editing need 3.5GHz to 4 GHz processor speed.
  • RAM: A good college and school laptop should have at least 4GB of RAM. If you want a gaming laptop, you will go for an 8GB or 16GB RAM.
  • Webcam: Nowadays, almost all student laptops have a built-in webcam. However, the quality of the webcam matters, especially if you need to participate in high-quality Zoom calls. Failure to pay attention to that may mean buying a separate detachable webcam.
  • Connectivity: A school laptop should have several connectivity options, including Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and Ethernet port. Additionally, vital ports like HDMI, USB, and Display make it possible to connect to various devices and display options.
  • Battery Life: Student laptops usually demand usage away from a reliable power source. That’s why you should buy one with long battery life. While some laptop batteries last for at least 13 hours, others last for a short time.
  • Carrier Bag: Some college laptop sellers offer a carrier bag with every machine you purchase. Still, others may require you to buy a carrier bag separately? If you need to start carrying your laptop immediately, you may opt for a machine with a laptop carrier offer.

The Price

A college laptop’s price varies based on the model, size, technical specifications, and functionality. Consequently, the cheapest school laptops may cost at least $140 while the most expensive attract up to $2,000. When choosing a college laptop, be sure to consider the machine’s technical specifications. If it meets all your technical requirements and is affordable, go ahead and buy it? Also, it could be necessary to look out for laptop sales for cheaper machines.

Best Laptops for College and School – The Bottom Line

From the ten best laptops for college and school featured above, it is possible for you to find one that serves all of your needs. If you don’t find any of the laptops appealing, then you can use the criteria spelled out in the buying guide to buy a more suitable machine. Good luck!

Best Gaming Earbuds of 2021

The best gaming earbuds should tick boxes such as sound quality, wearing comfort, and durability. Besides, the headset should give you an immersive gaming experience, enable timely sound detection, and ensure you win your games almost effortlessly. If you’re wondering what products to buy, we have put together this article to help you with that. We aim to review the ten best headsets for gaming enthusiasts. In our reviews, we shall describe the product’s features and what makes each one of them unique.

The following are the top 10 gaming headsets you could buy today:

1. KLIM Earbuds with Microphone


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Locks out ambient noise
  • It has a built-in microphone


  • Reports of left-right discord

KLIM is one of the largest manufacturers of comfortable, long-lasting, and best gaming earbuds. The KLIM Fusion Earbuds is one of their best products. It has a comfortable design that fits effortlessly into the ears and is excellent for prolonged use.

In addition to comfort and service longevity, these earbuds have high-quality audio. Besides, they come at an affordable price while producing a sound quality comparable to some high-end earphones. Thus, you get the best in-game sound at an affordable price.

Why are the KLIM Fusion earbuds so durable? The product has a robust built, on which the manufacturers offer a 5-year warranty. Therefore, you can expect to have the earbuds for a long time to come.

The earphones’ cushion is memory foam, which reduces pressure to the ears, making them comfortable to wear. Furthermore, memory form fills the ears and blocks ambient noise, giving you an immersive gaming experience.

Moreover, you can use the gaming earphones with your smartphone to make or receive calls, thanks to the inline microphone. Thus, you can still communicate with family and friends, even as you enjoy your video games.

2. Sony MDRXB550AP Extra Bass Earbuds


  • Produces extra deep bass
  • Feature strong drivers
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Compatible with smartphones


  • Not very durable

Sony audio products such as speakers, earbuds, and earphones have high-quality sound. Because the company has vast experience producing sound-related products, they have one of the best gaming earbuds. Thus, it is not surprising that the Sony MDRXB550AP is as great as other Sony products concerning extra bass production. Because of that, you get a wide-spectrum in-game sound for an immersive experience.

The wired earbuds have high-energy neodymium magnet drivers that provide a powerful sound. Besides, they offer precise positional cues that improve your response time in a gaming session. Thus, you are likely to win a competitive video game for using this gaming earbud.

It features a hybrid silicone material that makes the earbuds fit comfortably into your ears. Therefore, you can wear them for longer without experiencing pressure on your ears. If you are an avid, on-the-go gamer, the lightweight earbuds provide excellent mobility. Thus, you can keep playing your favorite video games wherever you go.

The Sony MDRXB550AP is compatible with smartphones, providing better sound quality when listening to music or FM radio. They have an audio-control feature that enables you to increase or reduce the volume, depending on your needs. Furthermore, the integrated microphone is excellent for making and receiving phone calls on the go.

3. LUDOS Clamor Wired Earbuds


  • It has a universal auxiliary connector
  • Comfortable over long periods
  • Fashionable
  • It comes with high-quality speakers
  • Provides great customer service


  • Some users complained about the buttons

The LUDOS Clamor Wired Earbuds has one of the broadest range of compatible devices, including Apple, Laptop, Computer, PC, iPad, and iPhone. That’s because it comes with an auxiliary connector that connects to all compatible devices.

The in-ear gaming earbuds feature a new-gen memory foam cushion that is more comfortable than before. Therefore, you can wear your earphones for extended periods without feeling fatigued or in pain inside your ears. Besides, the memory foam cushion locks out ambient noise, giving you an immersive gaming experience.

It features a fresh, fashionable design, great for home use, office use, or daily commute. Besides the memory foam cover, the in-ear earphones feature a highly-resistant cable that feels good to touch.

However, gaming earbuds aren’t just about design and comfort – sound quality also matters. The manufacturers say they have installed high-quality speakers to provide clearer treble and deeper bass.

If not for any other reason, you should buy this product because of the manufacturer’s around-the-clock customer service. Besides, they provide an e-book containing user instructions directly in your inbox.

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4. Turtle Beach Buds In-Ear Gaming


  • Feature high-quality 10-millimeter speakers
  • Provides high-quality sound
  • Features multi-functional controls
  • Great for clear phone calls
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Mic lacks noise-canceling capability
  • It tends to have bad echos

The in-ear Turtle Beach Buds have high-quality 10-millimeter speakers that produce thundering lows and crisp highs. Therefore, you will get an immersive gaming experience courtesy of such high-quality sound. Besides, the broad-spectrum sound provides pointed in-game clues for quick response time.

Thanks to its in-ear design, the best gaming earbuds fit comfortably into the ear, making them suitable for long-drawn gaming sessions. Besides, the ear tips come in three different sizes to enable you to pick one that fits the best.

It has a multi-function inline controller that mutes, increases, or reduces volume. Additionally, there is a button that serves different purposes, depending on your gaming platform. On a smartphone, for example, the controller is for receiving and dropping phone calls.

Even though majorly purposed to serve as gaming earbuds, the device produces the best sound clarity when receiving and making calls. Additionally, it has a releasable, susceptible inline mic that picks and transmits instant sound to your callers. Furthermore, the earphones have near-universal compatibility with gaming consoles and platforms. It, therefore, works with Xbox One, PCs, laptops, PS4, PS4 Pro, Nintendo Switch, PS5, tablets, and mobile phones. Consequently, you can use it with any platform with an auxiliary audio port.

5. HyperX Cloud Earbuds


  • Works with multiple devices
  • Produces an immersive in-game sound
  • Great for use with mobile devices


  • The earbuds come in one size

The number of gaming platform devices keeps increasing by the day. Thus, you don’t have to keep using traditional gaming consoles. Consequently, most people use their PCs, laptops, and phones to play their favorite games.

With that in mind, HyperX has made these in-ear earphones for mobile devices like tablets, smartphones, and laptops. However, these are also the best gaming earbuds for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch.

The HyperX Cloud Earbuds provide you with immersive in-game audio regardless of the gaming platform used. It has an enhanced bass, which combines crystal-clear high and mid-range audio for immersive gaming. If you want the best gaming earbuds for mobile, you should buy this product. It comes with comfortable silicone earbuds that keep you comfortable during those long gaming sessions. Moreover, you can chat live with your gaming teammates using the inline mic. The manufacturer offers two-year quality assurance to everyone who buys this product.

6. Betron DC950HI Earphone


  • Available at a fair price
  • They produce great sound
  • A clip holds them firmly
  • It has an inline


  • Reports of poor customer service
  • Some users reported low-quality construction

Do you want the best gaming earbuds at a discount? The Betron DC950HI provides a surprisingly crystal-clear treble and deep bass at a very minimal cost.

However, the earbuds are more than just about the sound quality. Instead, they are highly functional for on-the-go entertainment and an immersive gaming experience. You can hook it to your phone and listen to good music as you go running, sporting, or working out.

The earphones made it easy for you to run around to include a clip that holds the 1.2m cable. Besides, it has a Y-shaped, tangle-free design, which makes it possible to enjoy hassle-free listening.

Furthermore, the earphones come with remote control for controlling volume and other aspects of sound. It also has an inline microphone through which you can chat with your gaming buddies and callers. The gaming earbuds are compatible with tablets, Android phones, MP3 players, iPad, and iPhones.

7. Razer Hammerhead True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds


  • Have Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection
  • Provides a low-latency wireless connection
  • Water-resistant
  • Feature 13mm custom-tuned drivers
  • It has an attractive touch interface


  • Reports of inconsistent connection
  • Made from cheap plastic

Now to the first wireless gaming earbuds in this review. The Razer Hammerhead connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.0 to laptops, smartphones, and tablets of all types. Once you turn on the Bluetooth function, the earphones will give you fast, convenient auto-pairing. Besides, the wireless connection is energy-efficient since the earbuds have a rechargeable battery.

Moreover, the earbuds are for active individuals who like listening to music on the go. Thus, you can go out wearing the earphones without fearing damage from soaking in sweat. That’s because they and 100 percent water-resistant, and no amount of moisture can destroy them.

Unlike other wireless earphones that come with unwanted delays, this particular product provides low latency, presenting no delays.  Therefore, you get an immersive sound and quick responses perfect for competitive gaming. Thanks to the 13mm custom-tuned drivers, you will get clear, balanced audio with more resonant bass.

Besides, the earphones have a touch interface, the latest industry standard. Moreover, they are compatible with voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, giving you control over your smart home.

8. MINDBEAST Super Bass 90%-Noise Isolating Earbuds


  • Provides 90 percent noise-cancellation
  • Proprietary drivers for excellent sound
  • It has a secure-fit design
  • Includes three replacement earbud tips
  • It has a universal 3.5mm auxiliary jack


  • Some users said they didn’t last long
  • Complaints about lack of deep bass

MINDBEAST has one of the best gaming earbuds in this product, thanks to its 90 percent noise-isolation capability. Thus, once you wear the earbuds, all you will is the high-quality sound from the gaming console or music device.

However, the device doesn’t just block out ambient noise. Instead, it has proprietary drivers that release deep bass, crystal-clear treble, and stereo sound effects for broad-spectrum in-game audio.

This beast of earphones comes with a secure fit design, which is exceptionally comfortable to wear for long hours. Moreover, you will get replacement silicone earbud tips in three sizes-small, medium, and large – with every product you purchase. Thus, you are free to choose a fitting earbud that doesn’t pressurize your ears.

Besides gaming, you can use it to listen to music when jogging, running, or working out in the gym. And, your sweat won’t damage the earphones, given they include moisture-wicking metal shells. Additionally, it has a 3.5mm auxiliary jack that gives it universal compatibility with most music devices and gaming platforms. Therefore, you can use it with your PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Samsung, Android, and Apple devices.

9. Easy KZ ZST Colorful Hybrid In-ear Earphone


  • Excellent, comfortable earbuds
  • Produces the best possible sound
  • Its design fits with precision
  • Compatible with multiple devices


  • Some users complained about the lack of bass

Have you ever come across a sentence with the words “comfortable” and “excellent” concerning gaming earbuds? If that is a rule, then the exception is the Easy KZ ZST earphones.

It is one of the best gaming earphones, providing a vibrant bass, strong mid-range, and crystal-clear treble. With this product, you get a unique auditory experience while gaming or playing music. All of that because of the independent sound channel in each driver for minimized sound distortion.

Moreover, it is the best gaming earbuds that incorporate Hi-Fi Sport at 1BA + 1DD. Still, it has a unique, refreshing design that fits comfortably fits into your ears for long gaming sessions. The fitting is so precise that it neither feels too loose nor too tight inside the ears. Thanks to the 3.5mm L plug, the in-ear earphones are compatible with most music consoles, smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Additionally, the manufacturer vouches for the quality of the product with a comprehensive one-year warranty.

10. iWALK TWS Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Gaming Earbuds


  • Provides 7.1 surround sound
  • Promotes precise responses
  • It has a 7-hour battery life
  • Features a low-latency Bluetooth 5.0
  • It has a noise-canceling mic


  • It’s hard to tell the battery level

The touchscreen can be too sensitive

What if you had a pair of in-ear, wireless earphones with 7.1 Stereo surround sound? With the iWALK TWS, you get the best possible sound experience when listening to music or gaming.

Additionally, the 7.1 stereo surround sound paints a 3D gaming environment, making it possible for you to locate gunshots and footsteps. Therefore, you get a precision response, which’s necessary for competitive gaming that requires winning.

It has Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity with low-latency and zero interference. Besides, you get a 7-hour battery for uninterrupted gaming or entertainment sessions. Furthermore, Bluetooth 5.0 has a stable connection over a radius of up to 15 meters, wide enough.

Still, the gaming earbuds come with a built-in microphone for chatting with gaming teammates or making calls. The microphone filters and blocks environmental noise, preventing interfering with your conversations.


So, you want to buy a pair of gaming headsets. We have reviewed some of the best gaming headsets to help you choose wisely. From the descriptions we have provided, you should can discern each product’s features and choose one that best suits you. We believe you are going to make a wise decision to buy a gaming headset for your convenience.

D-Link Routers: Benefits and Advantages

A powerful D-Link router
A D-Link Router

D-Link routers are incomparable worldwide. A router is essential in giving different devices access to the internet. Thus, they provide internet through Wi-Fi or an Ethernet connection. While some D-Link routers have a DSL model built-in, others may require you to have a separate modem. A modem is a device that makes it possible for the router to connect to the internet.

An Ethernet connection requires the connection of computers and other devices via an Ethernet cable. Thus, a single Ethernet cable can distribute the network to multiple machines via extension cables.

After buying a new 4G LTE router from D-Link, it is necessary to configure and set it up. You will learn about the process through an instruction manual that comes with the device. In most cases, you have to enter the router network’s SSID on the system and set a password. On the other hand, wired routers only need a connection to a computer via the Ethernet cable. Then it would help if you connected the modem to the Wide Area Network (WAN) port on the router. Consequently, the router will supply internet to all your devices

Benefits of D-Link Routers

D-Link routers come with several features, which result in benefits you and other network users will enjoy. Here are the advantages of D-Link routers:

1. Ability to Connect Multiple Devices

A D-Link router makes it possible for you to create a network of a limitless number of devices. It is the router’s hardware capability that will determine its performance concerning the number of electronic equipment. However, the performance of the router is inversely proportional to the number of connected devices.

Performance depends on many factors, including the router’s RAM, CPU, and the traffic it generates. So, you have to consider that when deciding the number of devices to connect. Optimally, a D-Link router can accommodate up to 15 devices. If you are using it at home, that’s enough to serve all of your network needs.

2. Provides both Wireless and Wired Network

With a D-Link router, you can choose whether you want a wired or wireless network. Of course, a wired network required a connection via an Ethernet cable. For instance, you may connect the Ethernet cable from the router straight to your computer or device. If you have many electronics, then the Ethernet cable should first pass through a hub and onwards to the machines.

A wireless network means setting up a Wi-Fi network. That creates a Wi-Fi hotspot in your home or whichever hotspot you are using the router. After that, you can connect your computer, smartphone, and other devices.

3. Reliable Network from D-Link Routers

Modern D-Link modems work on 4G, which is the fastest mobile broadband so far. For that reason, you can choose the long-range or 2GHz, which still provides a high bandwidth speed. Alternatively, you may also select the short-range or 5GHz, which has a massive bandwidth speed. With a D-Link router, you can settle anywhere between the two extremes.

4. Provides a Better, Longer Wi-Fi Range

D-Link routers are dual-band, work on multiple radio frequencies, and are better in terms of hardware. For that reason, their wireless range is as wide as can be. The latest 4G D-Link routers can support the connection of multiple devices around the clock. That means you can connect to the internet no matter the location in your home. You can check your social media, send emails, or watch videos on YouTube. Even in office buildings, the network remains strong enough for everyone to use.

5. Prioritization of Bandwidth

D-Link routers are among the few models that enable you to prioritize bandwidth. It has a function known as Quality of Service or QoS, through which you can prioritize the devices and apps to get bandwidth priority at any time. For example, you can redirect all the bandwidth to Netflix if you are in the middle of a famous movie. Or, you could give priority to your laptop when making an urgent call on Skype.

6. An Intuitive User-Interface

In the past, routers came with a menu that was too hard to decipher. Besides, some devices had only one button, which was hard to use. With the latest D-Link routers, the story is different. They come with easy-to-use settings that enable you to get what you want. For that matter, you don’t have to be an IT expert to use these routers.

7. Regular Firmware Upgrades

The D-Link 802.11AC is the latest from this manufacturer. It provides high internet speed, giving its users a better experience with all connected devices. Even better, it comes with the ability to download and update firmware regularly. That’s important because it enables you to fix any errors and bugs that could interfere with the performance. It revamps the router and allows you to save money in terms of the cost of data.

8. Provides Multiple Features

With a modern D-Link wireless router, you will get features that enable you to take charge of your home network. For example, you add visitors by enabling guest networks and set other restrictions. Also, you can determine the time and day when you want to cut off the internet. It is also possible to attach an external hard drive to any NAS-enabled device to share files and provide backup for storage.

9. Lightweight and Portable

As we observed earlier, D-Link routers are both wired and wireless. They are compact devices that provide high levels of portability. Because of that, the routers are highly mobile, and you don’t have to fix one in the exact location. You can carry your home router to work or elsewhere. As long as you are within the network range, you can move and use your devices anywhere.


After reading the points above, you should easily decide to buy a D-Link router. With the advent of smart devices, you require a Wi-Fi network in your home. The best way to get it is by getting a dedicated D-Link router. With that, you will never go wrong.

Best 4G LTE Routers to Buy in 2021

The best 4G LTE makes it possible to connect various devices using one data SIM card. They are great for those who need to work from home, play live video games online, or stream videos and movies. While some of the devices have 5G compatibility, others only support 3G and 4G networks. On the market, you will come across fixed as well as mobile routers. A designated 4G LTE router is excellent for those who want to keep their smart home running uninterrupted. However, if you use your router primarily for work, then you should ensure it is mobile. That way, you can carry secure Wi-Fi with you almost everywhere. In this article, we have comprehensive reviews of the top 4G LTE routers.

AFFILIATE LINK DISCLAIMER: The page contains affiliate links from the Amazon Associates Program. The author may earn a commission from all qualified purchases.

1. ASUS ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-Band 10-Gigabit Wi-Fi Router

best 4g lte routers


  • Supports video streaming and gaming
  • Latest Wi-Fi technology
  • 8 Gigabit Ethernet ports and eight antennas


  • Big and heavy to carry
  • The price is in the highest range
  • Most users experienced an overkill

Under their ROG life, Asus produces some of the best accessories for gaming. In that case, ROG stands for the “Republic of Gamers,” indicating the resolve to make that meet the needs and demands of avid gamers. The Asus ROG Rapture GT-AX11000 Tri-Band Router perfectly captures the ROG spirit. It is excellent for those who like playing online video games.

The router is large-sized, and none of the products in this review compare with it. On average, the router is costlier, which is understandable, given the immersive gaming experience you get from it. However, its performance is definitely worth the higher price tag. It provides a comprehensive wireless range, making it capable of serving people in large buildings.

The router packs several standout features that make it one of the best 4G LTE routers worldwide. For instance, it seamlessly supplies a Wi-Fi network in large homes using its eight antennas. All it takes is placing the antennas in strategic locations to cover your home’s every nook and cranny. It has 8 Gigabit Ethernet Ports for wired connection to some of your devices. Finally, it features next-gen Wi-Fi 6 for a more robust, unbreakable internet connection.

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2. MOFI4500-4GXeLTE-SIM4-COMBO 4G/LTE Router

best 4g lte routers


  • T-Mobile recommends it for their modems
  • It has a rugged, durable metal construction
  • The Wi-Fi range is wide enough


  • Incompatible with some Verizon products

Are you looking for a rugged but high-performance wireless router? The MOFI4500 robust design makes it durable and deceptively capable of offering a solid internet connection via 4G LTE networks. It provides the freedom to choose the best network from those available in your area. It connects to 2G, 3G, 4G, and 4G LTE networks, giving you the best video streaming results on 4G. Online gamers will find the high internet speeds to be quite revolutionary.

It has four antennas, providing a relatively stronger Wi-Fi connection throughout your home. Compared to 8-antenna routers, this particular device is great for smaller homes. It also has a built-in wireless repeater that extends the Wi-Fi range further off, making it possible to connect devices throughout your home.

T-Mobile mobile subscribers will get the best results through this particular router. When you buy this router, you will also receive the Verizon Sprint T-Mobile LTE2 cellular modem for easy connectivity. It is because T-Mobile recommends the router for use with this modem. Why would you want to buy any other 4G LTE router?

3. Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Router

best 4g lte routers
Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Router


  • Supports 3G and 4G networks
  • It can work on any mobile network
  • Includes two antennas


It has only one LAN port

The best 4G LTE router is one that works with virtually any mobile network. With the Huawei B310s-518 Unlocked 4G LTE CPE router, you can use any mobile network anywhere. It is not tied to a specific mobile network, making it universal. Furthermore, the router can carry the standard SIM from any GSM network, providing lots of conveniences. Thus, you don’t have to subscribe to any particular network to use it.

It is compatible with both the 3G and 4G networks, ensuring it doesn’t lock anyone out. Thus, if 4G isn’t available in your area, the 3G network automatically kicks in. Consequently, you wouldn’t have to lose your internet connection over network issues. It has one LAN port for connecting network hubs and similar devices. Besides, the router has two antennas, providing an impressive Wi-Fi range.

Like other 4G LTE routers, you have to subscribe to an internet service provider to use this device. As such, you can use the SIM card from your I.S.P. to turn the router into a reliable Wi-Fi hub for your home. It has a 150 Mbps download and 50 Mbps upload speed, supporting up to 32 Wi-Fi users.

4. Jetpack Verizon Mi-Fi 6620L Jetpack 4G LTE Router

best 4g lte routers
Jetpack Verizon Mi-Fi 6620L Jetpack 4G LTE Router


  • It has a long battery life
  • The universal charging system is convenient
  • It provides more straightforward navigation via touch keys


  • It is prone to connectivity issues
  • Provides limited Wi-Fi connections

Are you looking for a portable 4G LTE router? If so, then you should purchase the Jetpack Verizon Mi-Fi, a lightweight, pocket-size device. Compared to the massive 4G LTE routers, this particular device is as portable as any mobile device. Hence, you can carry it in the pocket, purse, or bag for on-the-go connectivity.

Why would you buy a portable 4G LTE router? If you want an easier connectivity transition between your home and the office, purchasing this device makes a lot of sense. Besides, it provides up to 15 Wi-Fi wherever you go. The only condition is that you have to keep the battery charged or charging. Furthermore, the device has a universal charging system that allows you to use virtually any charger. On a full charge, the device has 20-hour battery life.

It isn’t like any of the other devices, locked to a specific U.S. internet provider. Thus, you can use it on any network worldwide. Therefore, you can take it on a trip abroad and use it with a local SIM card.

5. NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router MR1100

best 4g lte routers
NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 Mobile Hotspot 4G LTE Router MR1100


  • It has a 24-hour battery life
  • You can use it on any network
  • It provides a full-color display


  • It is prone to hardware issues
  • The Wi-Fi is limited
  • Reported poor customer service

The NETGEAR Nighthawk M1 is the best 4G LTE router for downloading videos, streaming movies, and playing video games. Compared to routers with 150 Mbps download speed, this rakes in a massive 1Gbps download speed. Thus, you can use it to download huge files in no time. Moreover, you can carry the portable 4G LTE router with you and provide Wi-Fi to 20 other devices.

Besides, the router doesn’t restrict you to just one network, making it usable virtually anywhere worldwide. It supports 3G and 4G from any I.S.P. provider and has a rechargeable 5040 mAh battery with 24-hour battery life. Furthermore, recharging the battery is easy using a universal USB port. It has another USB port for streaming videos and video games on any mobile device.

Its intuitive all-color display is excellent for monitoring data usage, mobile signal strength, and managing your network.

6. KuWFi 4G LTE CPE Wireless Wi-Fi Internet Router

best 4g lte routers
KuWfi 4G LTE CPE Wireless Wi-Fi Internet Router


  • It can connect 32 devices
  • Easy to connect
  • Provides High download speed


  • Service inaccessible on power loss
  • Reports of a flawed design

In today’s highly-connected world, why would you buy the movie when you can stream from Netflix and the like? Thus, it is now easier to watch your favorite T.V. program on the go using a portable 4G LTE router. The  KuWFi 4G LTE CPE Wireless Wi-Fi Internet Router has a 300 Mbps download speed or double the industry average. In addition to streaming your favorite shows, you can use them to share photos, music, and videos on social networks.

Furthermore, the portable router is easy to connect, requiring you to turn it on after inserting the SIM card. It will start distributing the Wi-Fi signal to up to 32 devices in your home within no time. It can also be helpful in an office setting where you have to share Wi-Fi with many users.

This router is for use in the United States and some Caribbean and Central American countries. The rechargeable battery requires a 12V 1A charging adapter or a 5V 2A power bank via USB. Furthermore, the router has a wide Wi-Fi range capable of covering your home entirely.


best 4g lte routers


  • Provides fast internet speeds
  • Four antennas for comprehensive Wi-Fi coverage
  • The router is to set up


  • For use on only two mobile networks
  • Reports of damaged antennas
  • 4G networks are quickly becoming irrelevant

Are you looking for a modem router with a ready SIM card slot? The TAKTIKAL 4G LTE Router is easy to set up, requiring you to insert a SIM card before turning it on. In no time, the device will provide a steady Wi-Fi signal throughout your home. The 4-antenna device has a 5dBi gain 5dBi for a wide Wi-Fi range. Furthermore, it also offers the option to connect via an Ethernet port.

The 4G LTE router has a 150Mbps download speed, making it better than most traditional hotspots. Therefore, it is suitable for fast download, online gaming, and streaming T.V. programs, videos, and movies. However, a significant downside is that it works only on the T-Mobile and AT&T networks.

Furthermore, it has a USB port and Micro SD slot for access files via your mobile devices. Consequently, it is easy to share photos, stream videos, and upload music files. All of its great features function well thanks to the included 128MB RAM and 16 M.B. S.P.I. hardware.

8. TAKTIKAL 4G LTE+ Advanced Router

best 4g lte routers
TAKTIKAL 4G LTE+ Advanced Router


  • Easy to setup
  • It has a 300Mbps download speed
  • The antennas are detachable


  • Costlier than the rest
  • It doesn’t have a user manual

The TAKTIKAL 4G LTE+ Advanced Router is one of the few devices that come ready to use. Thanks to the built-in Sierra 7455 modem, the router doesn’t require an additional router. Besides, it only requires you to insert a SIM card before powering it on. So long as the 4G network in your area is reliable, the router will give you a steady Wi-Fi signal. Moreover, it provides dual-band connectivity on Vodafone, U.S. Cellular, Telus, Sprint, Rogers, Bell, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T.

It has a 300 Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed, providing a great response time for live gaming sessions. Besides, it great for streaming videos, movies, T.V. programs, podcasts, and video calls. It has detachable antennas that make the indoor to outdoor transition much more straightforward.

Do you want a router with a strong Wi-Fi signal for all devices? Try this particular one! Thus, you can use it to connect security cameras, intelligent lights, fridges, smart speakers, and so on. Moreover, its solid Wi-Fi network is 100 percent virtual-assistant-ready.

9. TP-Link M7350 Hotspot Movel – 4G LTE – 150 Mbps

best 4g lte routers
TP-Link M7350 Hotspot Movel – 4G LTE – 150Mbps


  • A multiple-device router
  • It comes with a built-in modem
  • It has a dual-band Wi-Fi


  • It is an expensive 4G LTE router

TP-Link is an experienced manufacturer of some of the best 4G LTE routers and available modems in the market. Its flagship TP-Link M7350 is a portable 4G LTE router with a 150Mbps download speed. The router has a built-in modem, making it easy to set up and use. Insert a SIM card, turn it on, and start enjoying a solid Wi-Fi signal.

Furthermore, the router supports up to 10 devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and bright devices. It is excellent for downloading files, video chatting, working from home, and uninterrupted full-HD movies.

The device supports 3G and 4G mobile networks, ensuring you are always connected. Besides, it provides 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi to always connect to the internet.

10. NETGEAR 4G LTE Modem – Instant Broadband Connection

best 4g lte routers
NETGEAR 4G LTE Modem – Instant Broadband Connection


  • It uses both the 3G and 4G networks
  • Download speed of 150 Mbps
  • L.E.D. lights to show network strength


  • Meant for use only in the U.S.A
  • You will need a router to use it
  • May not provide robust Wi-Fi connectivity

The NETGEAR 4G LTE modem is powerful enough to connect all of your wireless devices? It comes with built-in Gigabit WAN connectivity for 2G, 3G, or 4G mobile networks. Since this isn’t a fully-fledged router, you will need a separate device to create a network, whether Wi-Fi or Ethernet. Besides, you can connect it to a router without the need for a different power adapter.

You don’t have to be an I.T. expert to set up this modem since it is a plug-and-play affair. With a 150Mbps download and 50Mbps upload speed, the modem is faster than similar devices. Whenever there is a firmware update, you will receive an alert via SMS. The same applies to data usage.

Furthermore, the modem has connectors, one each for connecting 3G or 4G networks. With that, you will get the best signal reception across your home. When one type of network isn’t available, it automatically switches to the other, maintaining connectivity. Also, you can check the network status via the L.E.D. Lights.

Best 4G LTE Routers Buying Guide

Do you want to buy a 4G LTE Router? What you purchase depends on many factors. For instance, you might wish for a router to use exclusively for live gaming sessions.  Or, you may want one for browsing the internet, reading mail, or working from home. Whether you want a fixed, portable 4G LTE router, you will find what you need. The following are the factors to must consider when purchasing the best 4G LTE router.

Ability to Connect Multiple Devices

4G LTE devices tend to support a different number of devices depending on their built-in capacity. Those with the lowest degree may support ten devices on the Wi-Fi network. Other 4G LTE routers can support up to 32 devices, including mobile phones, tablets, laptops, tablets, and other devices. Thus, a single router can provide a reliable Wi-Fi signal to multiple users, including friends, family, and workmates.

As long as your area has a strong 4G mobile network, you will get reliable internet connectivity. Besides, you can carry the router with you to a hotel room, removing the need for onsite Wi-Fi. It is also cheaper and safer to operate a Wi-Fi network than using a public one. That’s why you should get a multi-device 4G LTE router.

Availability of Gigabit Ethernet Ports

Apart from your 4G LTE router providing a solid Wi-Fi signal, it should have at least one Ethernet port for wired connectivity. Ethernet has a low-latency connection, which makes it more stable than Wi-Fi. Furthermore, it would be better to have Gigabit Ethernet ports for enhanced network performance, especially live gaming. Gigabit Ethernet supports 1000Mbps or 1GBps download speeds, which are many times stronger than Wi-Fi.

The Type Of Band

We have looked at the importance of a 4G LTE router providing Ethernet internet connectivity. You can quickly tell that by looking at the types of Wi-Fi bands, the router offers. In that case, 2.4Ghz is the lowest band while 5.0Ghz is the highest.  Thus, the 2.4 GHz band isn’t strong enough but has the most comprehensive Wi-Fi range. On the other hand, the 5.0Ghz band utilizes the A.C. standard, making it the strongest. However, several routers types of 4G LTE routers are dual-band, providing both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. Such routers use two frequencies to broadcast the Wi-Fi signal, helping you enjoy fast, seamless H.D. and 4K streaming.

The Processor Speed

A 4G LTE router is as good as its hardware, including RAM and processor. The two aspects’ capacity determines how fast and flawless you can stream videos and play games online. If you want marketing-leading speeds, you should purchase a 4G LTE router with a dual-core processor.

Power Options

You can power 4G LTE routers in different ways. While some of the devices require plugging into a mains outlet, others have built-in rechargeable batteries. For the first type, the electric connection must always be on for them to work. Besides, they are immobile, sitting at a specific spot inside the house. Those with rechargeable batteries are lightweight, portable, and great for use on-the-go. You can recharge the battery with a USB cable from your laptop or charger. However, when buying mobile 4G LTE routers, check that the battery life is long enough.

MU-MIMO Compatibility

Always check if the 4G LTE router is multi-user, multi-input, and multi-output (MU-MIMO). If it has MU-MIMO compatibility, then it can support multiple users. Similarly, it has several input options, including the GSM networks you can use. The best 4G LTE routers support 3G and 4G networks, giving you flexibility. Furthermore, the router should provide multiple outputs, which means availing the signal at different speeds and frequencies. That way, it is easier to play games live and stream movies, T.V. programs, videos, etc.

Type of Router

There are different types of 4G LTE routers, namely regular, USB-modem, and mobile Wi-Fi or MiFi. Here, we briefly describe each of these types of 4G LTE routers:

  • Regular Routers: In this category, 4G LTE routers feature a slim slot and at least one Ethernet port for a stable wired connection. It is also called the enterprise router.
  • USB-Modem: Also known as the USB dongle, this router type is easy to connect to a P.C. or tablet. It is usually lightweight, small, and portable, easily fitting into the pocket or purse. Apart from carrying it with you everywhere, the device is easy to use, requiring a software installation.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi router or MiFi: Even though related to the enterprise router, the MiFi is much smaller lacks Ethernet ports. It is excellent for those who want internet connectivity on the go and families needing simple ways of connecting to the internet. Even though slightly larger than a USB router, it is still easier to carry.

The Number of SIM Slots

Your I.S.P. provider determines your internet speed to a large extent. For most networks, the coverage of the GSM signal depending on the location – urban or rural. That’s why you should carefully choose a service provider to be sure of having a solid network. If you use your 4G LTE router on the go, it helps to have a router with two or more SIM slots. That way, you can easily switch from one I.S.P. to another, ensuring you always have a solid mobile signal.

Other Considerations

  • Screen Size: Mobile Wi-Fi routers or MiFis may have display screens for monitoring the network status. You can use it to see the current network name, signal strength and input your password. That’s why you should ensure you have an easy-to-read screen.
  • Usability: All the 4G LTE routers featured in this review are easy to use. You can easily read and change settings on-screen and connect easily. After installing a sim card, you can simply switch on a router and start using it.
  • Battery Life: For portable, mobile routers, the battery life should be more than 10 hours. Thus, the device can you a long service time without recharging, eliminating work interruptions.
  • USB Tethering: There are times when you will need to use your router in crowded areas. USB tethering is excellent where you need to remain discreet while browsing the internet.
  • Universal Charging: You cannot ignore this feature, given the likelihood of you forgetting to carry your charger. If the 4G LTE router supports universal charging, you can connect it to your tablet or laptop to recharge.


From the review above, the market has several 4G LTE routers from which you can pick. However, knowing the features, pros, and cons of these devices doesn’t make it easy for you to choose one. So you can select one of the 10 4G LTE routers we featured in this review or follow the buying guide. In all of that, you should make a wise choice.

Best 3D Printers of 2021 (Buy Now)

With one of the best 3D printers, you can produce virtually anything you want. If you are a designer, you can create realistic prototypes, actualizing your dreams. Besides, teachers can use 3D printers in the classroom to train their pupils in design-related fields of study. However, the type of 3D printer you buy depends on whether you are a designer, teacher, or home user.

That shouldn’t be an issue, given the variety of 3D printers on the market. Only that you should be clear the purpose for buying the printer and the price range in which you wish to operate. We have taken the stress from you by testing and reviewing some of the best devices in this category. Don’t look anywhere else!

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What are the best 3D printers?

After extensive testing and evaluation of several top-of-the-range 3D printers, we recommend the Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro. It is available on Amazon for $279, which is relatively affordable. Besides, it is recommended as part of Amazon’s Choice list.

1. Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro 3D Printer with Removable Build Surface Plate and UL Certified Meanwell Power Supply 220x220x250mm

The reason you should buy the Comgrow Creality Ender 3 Pro is the extensive testing that goes into each part before shipping. It is geared to spruce up educational STEM programs such as electronic and mechanical engineering. Besides being removable, the build surface maintains a consistent temperature, making it safe to remove the printed model. Finally, the heat bed attains 110 degrees Celsius within only a few minutes for fast printing.


  • Has a removable surface plate
  • Can resume printing after interruption
  • Minimizes nozzle clogging
  • Protection against power surges
  • Evens out the temperature on the build surface


  • It has a removable surface plate for protecting the build plate and evening out the build surface temperature.
  • With a safe power supply, the printer is protected against unexpected power surges.
  • The Ender-3 Pro function can resume printing where it left after an abrupt power loss.
  • It comes with a semi-assembled kit so that you can learn more about constructing 3D printers.
  • With its extruder design, the 3D printer is upgraded and can minimize nozzle clogging or low extraction.

2. ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer, Large Metal FHD D Printer with Patented Heatbed and 1kg PLA Filament, Build Size 11.81in (L) by 11.81in(W) by 12in(H)

The ANYCUBIC MEGA X 3D Printer is an FDM printer that comes with a substantial build space at 11.81in (L) by 11.81in (W) by 12in (H). Because of that, it belongs to 10 percent of the largest 3D printers on the market. Thanks to the proprietary microporous coating on the heat bed, models hold firmly and get off quickly after printing. Assembling this 3D printer is fast and only requires you to fasten 12 screws and attach three cables. Consequently, both veterans and beginners will find this machine handy.


  • Has enhanced print quality
  • Secures the heat bed for high print precision
  • Can accommodate larger models
  • The model remains stable during printing
  • Has an intuitive TFT user interface
  • Resumes printing after interruption


  • The 3D printer features a rigid, stable metal frame that significantly, enhancing printing quality.
  • It combines the dual-lead y-axis rail design with the dual-screw Z-axis to (stably and firmly) secure the heat bed, maintaining high print precision.
  • With a large 300 by 300 by 305 millimeters build surface, the printer can accommodate larger models.
  • It features proprietary microporous coating on the base bed surface to secure models while printing. Besides, it makes sure the models do not stick onto the body after printing.
  • Thanks to the TFT touchscreen (like that on a mobile phone touchscreen), you get a highly intuitive user interface.
  • It comes with a Resume Print feature that ensures it can pick up from the last position after a power blackout.

3. ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer with 3.5″ Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Print 4.53in (L) x 2.56in (W) x 5.9in (H) Printing Size Black Version

The main reason for ELEGOO Mars UV Photocuring LCD 3D Printer standing out is the fast-printing CHITUBOX Slicing Software. Thanks to the hollowing effect, the printer helps save a lot of resin when photocuring. Besides, you get exceptional printing results from the combination of ELEGOO resin and 40W UV lights. Even though the whole machine has a one-year warranty, the 2K LCD and FEP consumables are covered for three months. It is available on Amazon for $250.


  • Has a unique industrial design
  • Can read files from a USB flash disk
  • Has a large 3.5-inch colored screen
  • Proprietary software prints faster
  • Has an elegant design


  • Features a unique industrial design complete with steel balls, enabling a zero return via only the Z-axis.
  • It has a built-in computer motherboard that enables printing designs that had been saved on a USB stick.
  • The large 3.5-inch color screen previews models stored USB or SD card storage devices. You can then select the files to print, just like on a computer screen.
  • It has the latest, speedy, and user-friendly ELEGOO Mars software for faster results than open-source software.
  • The sturdy aluminum fuselage structure has an acrylic cover that makes it elegant and durable all at the same time.

4. 3D Printer Kingroon DIY Aluminum Resume Printer with Touch Screen Assisted Level Free MicroSD Card Preloaded with Printable 3D Models, Printing Space (180 x 180 x 180mm)

For beginners, having a 3D printer with preloaded models is the best way to start testing their printing skills. After that, you can create your models and print them pronto. It comes with an advanced extruder, which significantly reduces bad extrusion and plugging risk.  While few of the best 3D printers come with assisted bed leveling, this particular device is an exception. Consequently, you can adjust the height of the bed almost at will.


  • Resumes printing after blackouts
  • Minimizes chances of faulty extrusion
  • Offers smooth, noiseless movement
  • Easy to set up


  • With the Resume Print feature, the printer can pick up from the last position following a lapse or power outage.
  • It comes with an upgraded extruder that reduces the chances of faulty extrusion and plugging risk.
  • With the precision guide rail, you get a smooth, noiseless movement. This feature also ensures that the machine can serve you for a longer time (since it minimizes wear and tear due to friction).
  • Its bed makes it possible to do assisted leveling, easing the print bed setup process.

5. ANYCUBIC Photon 3D Printer UV LCD Photocuring Assembled Innovation with 2.8″ Smart Touch Color Screen Off-line Resin Print 4.53″ (L) x 2.56″ (W) x 6.1″ (H) Printing Size Black

The resin ANYCUBIC Photon 3D Printer is a CNC-quality full metal structure that makes leveling effortless. It also has a built-in air, activated carbon purification system that keeps it running efficiently. If you want a 3D printer with minimized printing time, you should buy this particular device. Interestingly, it is designed to slice a 30MB STL file in one minute. The high-precision display provides 2560×1440 2K high-definition masking with 0.0000492 inches z-axis resolution.


  • Prints highly detailed models
  • Has an easy-to-use software
  • It comes with an excellent user interface
  • Has a durable design


  • It combines the 47-micron XY resolution with the 10-micron Z-axis resolution to enable you to print detailed 3D models.
  • With the ANYCUBIC Photon Slicer software, you get an extraordinary user-experience and fast, effective printing.
  • It has an interactive user interface with a monitor for previewing the model and giving instant the print status.
  • With the high-quality CNC parts, it is one of the best 3D printers for providing repetitive, consistent performance for longer.

Best 3D Printers Buying Guide

Whether you want your first or second 3D printer, a little knowledge on how to choose one can’t hurt. We have formulated a detailed buying guide to help you know the specs. So make sure you put all our suggestions to heart if you want a machine that works. Here we go!

1. The Type of Printer

3D printers come in two main types: fused filament fabrication (FFF) and stereolithography (SLA). However, some reviewers have said subtypes in FFF – fused disposition modeling (FDM) and fused filament manufacturing (FFM) – are distinct. While these reviewers have a point, FDM and FFM printers all create models from molten plastic filaments. On the other hand, SLA printers solidify resin using UV laser beams. By focusing the laser on the print area, the printer can make a 3D model of virtually anything.

2. Printing Materials

The best 3D printers use different materials to create models. For instance, FFF printers use poly tactic acid (PLA), acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS), thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), or nylon. Another preferred material for FFF 3D printers is high-density polyethylene (HDPE), which is as tough as they come. You will find these materials in assorted colors with either 1.75mm or 3mm filaments. In the case of SLA printers, the choice of printing materials is limited to resins. It will help if you realize that most printer models recommend using materials from the same manufacturer.

3. Print Resolution

The level of details you get in a 3D model is referred to as the print resolution. Printers that produce detailed models have a more sufficient resolution. For that reason, you can have high-resolution models using a 50 to 70-micron 3D printer.

4. Print Volume

The print volume refers to the limit of the size of the model a 3D printer can produce. That size is determined by the build bed’s expanse and the extent to which the print head can move. The print volume is given in cubic inches (or millimeters) so that you can create models within limits. This feature is crucial since it determines the purpose for which you can use your printer.

5. Print Quality and Speed

Even the best 3D printers take hours to print a simple model. So don’t be surprised if it takes 6 to 12 hours to print a 4-inch model. That’s because 3D printers work by applying layer after layer until the model is over. So, you need a printer with a thick deposit layer to finish the work quickly. Besides, the print speed determines the quality of the final model. Consequently, faster printers produce low-quality models. It will help if you avoid compromising the print quality by choosing a high-speed 3D printer.

Best 3D Printers FAQs

Where can I buy a 3D printer?

We recommend that you buy a 3D printer from Amazon, the largest online retailer in various products and pricing. If you have set your mind on purchasing a 3D printer, we have reviewed some of the best.

What are the best 3D printers for home use?

The best 3D printers for home use are low-priced, low-volume, and not, so quality focused. They are small-sized and usable by kids and adults alike.

What is the most advanced 3D printer?

The most advanced 3D printer is the HP Metal Jet, which works in high-volume manufacturing settings. Instead of thermoplastics or resins, it makes use of molten metal. It isn’t available for everyday use, which is why we recommend sticking to our list of products.

Uses and Benefits of a Laptop Docking Station

You might not know the uses and benefits of a laptop docking station until you start using one. By design, laptops have fewer ports, allowing you to connect to a handful of peripherals. For instance, a laptop may have only two USB ports, an Ethernet port, an HDMI port, and an auxiliary audio port. These aren’t enough to enable you to perform certain functions, hence needing a docking station.

A docking station can help in the office

What Is A Laptop Docking Station?

A docking station (dock) is a device with multiple ports for connecting laptops to different peripherals. You can connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, monitor, and other peripherals simultaneously. Because of that, it gives a laptop the functionality of a desktop computer.

Laptop manufacturers like Dell and HP may build docking stations specifically for their laptop models. In that case, the docking station would have a unique input port, connecting only to a parallel port on the manufacturer’s laptops. Whether it is proprietary or universal, a docking station provides various USB ports, Ethernet ports, and HDMI ports to connect monitors.

How a Docking Station Works

The best laptop docking stations work by allowing connectivity of multiple peripherals through various ports. Universal docking stations work with various laptop models as there is no restriction to a specific brand. Thus, you can use them with Dell, HP, or Acer laptops without running into trouble.

However, some laptop manufacturers insist on making docks for their laptop models. That type of laptop docking station would have proprietary ports for connecting only to their laptops.

A docking station is powered directly through the connection with the laptop. However, some docks may need plugging into an electrical outlet through an included power supply. It operates through built-in drivers that enable the seamless connection of all peripherals.

An office setting

What Is The Purpose Of A Docking Station?

Picture this – you are seated in a plane, traveling to a holiday destination. With a docking station, you can connect your peripherals and carry out tasks on the go. However, it’s in the office that a docking station takes entirely on its purpose. That’s because you can keep your dock on a desk and connect to various peripherals without moving your laptop. Thus, it quickly gives a laptop the versatility of a desktop computer.

What Is The Function Of A Docking Station?

A laptop docking station serves multiple functions. Since it is a static device that sits on your desk, you can use it to connect various peripheral devices to your laptop. The following are some of the peripheral devices you can connect to a dock:

  • A mouse
  • Speakers
  • Printer
  • Ergonomic keyboard
  • Monitors
  • Wired internet

Benefits of a Laptop Docking Station

A laptop docking station comes with many benefits, especially if it is for universal applications. The following are some of the benefits you will enjoy from a universal laptop docking station:

A laptop for leisure

1. Providing Universal Compatibility

A universal docking station can work with various laptop brands, including HP, Dell, ASUS, Acer, and MacBook. They also help provide connectivity for tablets and smartphones. Regardless of the type of device you have, a docking station can help you connect it to a mouse, keyboard, monitor, and wired internet. That means they operate across operating systems, including Windows, Android OS, iOS, etc.

2. Multiple Ports

Universal docking stations come with several types of ports to help you hook your laptop to various peripherals. It is not uncommon to find docking stations with USA Type-A, USB Type-C, HDMI, VGA, DVI, Ethernet, and Thunderbolt ports. Thus, it doesn’t limit you to the types of peripherals you can connect to your laptop.

3. Multiple Displays

Did you know that you can use a docking station to display your laptop’s contents on multiple screens? That way, you can easily switch from one functionality to another without shutting down the computer. Some docking stations efficiently provide display over four HD monitors for your convenience.

4. Clean Workspace

Do you easily get annoyed at the sight of entangled cables and wires hanging from your computer? You only need one cable with a dock station to go to your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Thus, your desk and workplace will remain clean and clutter-free just because you are using a docking station.

5. Convenience

Docking stations provide a convenient way for you to connect your laptop to all the office peripherals. For example, if you have an online meeting, you will view a bigger and better display over an HD monitor. You can also use the other ports to print, type, or point using a mouse conveniently.

Uses of a Laptop Docking Station

Related to the benefits of docking stations are their many uses. If you are wondering why you should buy a dock station, the following are the various uses to which you can subject it:

An old-time docking station
A docking station

1. Connecting Multiple Devices

With a docking station, you can connect your laptop to devices like mice, keyboards, printers, and scanners. Due to having only two USB ports, most laptops can only connect to two peripherals at a time. With a dock station, you only need one connection to the laptop to hook more peripheral devices. When you finish, you can simply disconnect the docking station from the laptop – no entangled cables and constant plugging and unplugging.

2. Gaming

Docking stations provide you with the option to plugin gaming accessories when you need to. For that reason, you don’t have to plugin gaming adapters to connect your mice, keyboards, speakers, and other related accessories. Besides, it is convenient as it only involves attaching (or detaching) the docking station to (or from) the laptop.

3. Easy Transition from Home to Office

A docking station makes it easy for you to transition from your home to the office (and vice versa). You should set up a docking station in the office and attach it to the peripherals you use. When you arrive in the morning, plug the docking station into the laptop, and you are good to go. With that, you do not have to connect each peripheral separately.

4. Connecting New Devices

You possibly haven’t used all the devices available in the market because of the limited ports on your laptop. With a docking station, you have the opportunity to try out newer gadgets. For example, you could try out digital cameras, flat-panel displays, ergonomic keyboards, and so on.

5. Turning a Laptop into a Desktop

If all you have is a laptop, a docking station can help you give it desktop functionality. Therefore, you don’t have to buy a desktop to enjoy its functionality. Even so, the cost of a new docking station is only a fraction of that of a standard desktop computer. Therefore, you will have an easy way to connect numerous peripherals to your laptop at a lower cost.

6. Larger Display for Gamers

Gamers can use docking stations to connect high-definition displays to their laptops. Given how advanced computer monitors have come, you will have a more immersive gaming experience than only using the laptop screen.

Would you buy a docking station?

A laptop docking station is necessary if you want to enjoy desktop functionality without buying one. So, it is worth buying. It can help you connect your laptop to a larger display, ergonomic keyboard, and a better mouse. Docking stations are suitable for workers looking to transition between the home and the office setting quickly.

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12 Benefits of a Touch Screen Laptop (Buy One)

benefits of a touch screen laptop
A touch screen laptop allows you to use a stylus

The benefits of a touch screen laptop have led to most manufacturers (like HP) preferring them to those that only rely on a keyboard.

What does that mean?

Manufacturers believe that a user (such as you) would rather have a laptop with touchscreen capability because of its many advantages.

And, that’s what you are going to read about in this article.

What Is a Touch Screen Laptop?

A touch screen laptop is one with a built-in touch panel. Instead of relying only on the keyboard, you can use the touch screen as an input device.

Such laptops come in the form of a 2-in-1 (hybrid) machine that can shift to tablet mode.

Here is the deal:

Detaching or turning the keyboard to the back converts the laptop into a tablet. Thus, you can switch from one mode to another, depending on your needs.

How a Laptop Touch Screen Display Works

You could be wondering:

Why do I need to know how a laptop touch screen display works?

Whether you are a certified techie or a novice, you need that knowledge to use your computer better.

Let’s break it down by focusing on how different kinds of laptop touch screens work.

Some types of touch screens can only sense one finger at a time based on the technology used. Others can feel and distinguish two or more key presses at once.

Let’s dive deep into the different technologies behind the laptop touch screen:

1. Restive Touch Screen

Restive touchscreens are no more than transparent keyboards overlaid on a screen.

They are popular in devices like laptops, tablets, and mobile phones. A layer of conducting polyester plastic sits onto a rigid layer of working glass.

When you touch the screen, the polyester layer comes into contact with the glass, completing a circuit. A built-in chip traces the touch to its origin and provides an appropriate response.

2. Infrared Touch Screen

An infrared touch screen doesn’t use layers of conductive materials.

How does it work?

Numerous LEDs are laid out in grid form, working together with light-detector photocells on the screen’s edges.

The LEDs shine beams of infrared light, forming a web underneath.

Touching the screen interrupts at least two beams, triggering a built-in microchip to calculate the touch’s exact position.

An infrared touch screen is excellent for both the finger and stylus users.

3.  Capacitive Touch Screen

Capacitive touch screens feature multiple glass layers – the outer and inner layers are good electrical conductors.

So what?

The screen behaves like a capacitor since an insulator separates its two conductive layers.

A touch to the screen alters the electric field in varied proportions, depending on where you had touched.

You can touch a capacitive screen in two or more places simultaneously.

They work with a hand touch but not a plastic stylus. That’s because a stylus is an insulator that does not affect the electric field.

4. Surface Acoustic Wave Touch Screens

Can a touch screen respond to sound?

Apparently, “yes.”

Instead of light, this particular touch screen technology uses ultrasonic (beyond what a human can hear) sound waves to detect fingers.

It has specially designed screen edges that generate and reflect ultrasonic sound like ping-pong across the surface.

Touching the screen interrupts the sound waves, absorbing inherent energy.

A built-in microchip controller detects the precise location of the touch, presenting the appropriate response.

5. near-Field Imaging Touch Screens

Near-field imaging (NFI) has existed for a long time, and its benefits in creating responsive touch screens are only becoming apparent.

As a finger moves closer to a near-field imaging screen, it changes the onscreen electric field.

A built-in microchip interprets that as touch and triggers the intended effect.

Want to know the best part?

The robustness of NFI touch screens makes it suitable for rugged conditions in the military.

These screens can detect touch from hands with gloves, styluses, and pens.

Benefits of a Touch Screen Laptop

The benefits of a touch screen laptop remain the same regardless of the technology behind it.

Here is the real deal:

  • It has a luxurious, cool effect that sets you apart from all other laptop users.
  • Laptops that are touch screen-compliant provide more comfortable and quicker navigation, allowing you to perform many tasks.
  • Applying image editors is easier on a touch screen laptop than relying on a keyboard and mouse.
  • Using design software like CAD is easier since you get the right dimensions onscreen.
  • Today, software companies like Microsoft have operating systems designed for both touch and non-touch laptops.
  • Interacting with a touch screen laptop is more comfortable than using a trackpad and mouse.
  • It allows you to use a stylus to write and draw on the screen with precision. If you have a 2-in-1 Windows laptop, anything you write becomes text. It saves time, especially if you have a low typing speed.
  • Touch screen laptops come with higher resolution, providing vivid, bright graphics. The color accuracy is higher for more explicit pictures and movies.
  • 2-in-1 laptops (which feature touch screens) are smaller and more compact than other laptop types. That makes them portable and a must-have for those who want to use them on-the-go.
  • Unlike keyboards, touch screens hardly exhibit mechanical failure due to the accumulation of dust and debris.
  • Touch screen laptops trigger tactile feedback in the form of a vibration every time they contact a finger. That minimizes input error since you get to know when the computer registers your command.
  • Once you convert a touchscreen laptop into a tablet, you don’t need a desk to use it. For that reason, you can hold and operate the computer with your hands.

Demerits of a Touch Screen Laptop

Like everything else, touch screen laptops have disadvantages.

Here we go:

  • A laptop with a touch screen display consumes more battery power compared to a non-touch computer. That’s because the touch digitizer has to remain on even when not in use.
  • A touchscreen laptop utilizes glossy material that shows reflections, affecting the viewing angle.
  • Given the additional touch screen mechanism, 2-in-1 laptops might be thicker and heavier than their non-touch counterparts.
  • Some touch screen links and buttons (such as those on shopping sites and online forms) might be too small and bothersome.
  • A touch screen laptop is more expensive (because of additional features) and could be out of your reach.
  • Touchscreens involve lots of reaching out, causing back and shoulder problems. Constant touching may also leave the screen smudged and hard to maintain.
  • Holding and using a touch screen for long hours can make you more tired and painful than using a mouse or touchpad.

Touch Screen Vs. Non-Touch Screen Laptops: Which Is Better?

Given the benefits of a touch screen laptop, should you buy one for use in business?

Users of touch screen laptops say they are luxurious, setting you apart from non-touch counterparts.

They are easier to navigate, apply image editors, and use CAD and other design programs. Thanks to software development for touch screen laptops, it is easier to interact with the computer.

Besides, the laptops provide a brighter screen resolution than their non-touch counterparts.

If you want a laptop to use on-the-go, buying a compact, the lightweight 2-in-1 machine is the way to go.

Once you touch the screen, you will feel a vibration, indicating your intended action’s execution.

You might be wondering:

Is it all rosy with a touch screen laptop?

Not at all.

A laptop with a touch screen consumes substantially more power, thanks to the additional features.

It relies on overly reflective material, which could interfere with the clarity of the display.

Some touch screen laptops might be thicker and heavier than those with conventional displays.

And, it can be tiresome reaching out to the laptop screen.

Finally, cleaning the touch screen can be a problem, especially if you smudge it with dirt.

10 Best Women’s Laptop Tote Bags 2021

Having one of the best women’s laptop tote bags makes the difference concerning the way commute to and from work. It is a must-have for women who want the freedom to carry their business laptops and other materials. However, choosing the right tote bag for laptops can prove difficult, especially if you have never done it before. So, we have come up with reviews of the top tote bags on the market to make your choice much easier. Read on for more.

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1. Wxnow Women Laptop Tote Bag Canvas Handbag Purse Shoulder Bag


  • Great for a 15.6-inch laptop
  • Lightweight
  • Can store several items
  • Easy to wear


  • Laptops are not very firm

The Wxnow Women Laptop Tote Bag is made from lightweight canvas fabric and has durable PU leather handles. You can use it to carry your laptop while trusting the foam padding to protect against falls and bumps.

It is a good laptop women bag, given that it comes with a laptop compartment and separate pockets. So, you have enough space for your laptop, books, cellphones, wallets, cards, passports, cash, and so on.

If you are looking for a bag for laptops measuring 15.6 inches, then this is a must-have. It weighs a paltry 1.5 pounds and won’t weigh you down unnecessarily.

When it comes to design, the laptop bag is deceptively simple and stylish. It is long, wide shoulder straps that make it extremely easy to wear on your shoulders. You may use it for work, school, casual, travel, and handbag.

2. Laptop Tote Bag for Women 15.6-Inch Waterproof Lightweight Leather Computer Laptop Bag Women Business Office Work Bag Briefcase Large Travel Handbag Shoulder Bag Black


  • Has 9 compartments
  • Durable
  • Has metal feet
  • Easy to use


  • Metal clips may break easily

Are you looking for a spacious lightweight women’s laptop tote bag? This particular travel tote bag will give you all of that and more. It has up to 9 well-organized compartments for carrying several things, including your laptop, sunglasses, and cosmetics.

It is made from premium material so that it can remain durable for a long time to come. The water-resistant PU leather outer cover has a soft polyester lining that will protect your laptop. Besides, it has a metal feet base that prevents possible damage to your bag.

The tote bag is designed for holding 13-inch to 15.6-inch laptops without letting go. Yet it is so deceptively minimalistic you can take it on casual walks, work, and school.

It is one of the easiest to use laptop bags, given that it has handles and shoulder straps. For that reason, you can quickly put it to multiple uses, depending on your needs. It is an excellent gift for graduation, Christmas, Mother’s Day, birthday, and Valentine’s Day.

3. Large Tote Bag for Women, Laptop Work Shoulder Tote Bags with Trolley Sleeve


  • Large-sized
  • Can carry several items
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish and chic


  • The padding isn’t great

Large-sized laptop bags are great when it comes to holding computers with large screen sizes. This particular tote bag from Bug Store provides excellent space, given that it measures 16 x 7 x 13 inches.

With this bag, you wouldn’t have to leave behind anything that necessary for your work. You can pack your 15.6-inch laptop, lunch bag, umbrella, water bottle, files, folders, and magazines and remain with space.

Despite having all that space, the bag is lightweight, weighing only 1.31 pounds. You can carry it using the padded shoulder straps or the microfiber leather handles.

Its stylish, chic design is bound to dazzle your acquaintances at work, on business trips, and on travel. And it is durable with tough, thick buckles that don’t break.

4. Laptop Tote Bag, Fits 15.6 to 17-Inch Laptop, Women’s Lightweight Water Resistant Nylon Tote Bag Shoulder Bag Messenger Bag


  • Large-sized
  • Has multiple pockets
  • Made from durable materials
  • Has a stylish design


  • Some found it to be too big
  • Has a heavy lining

If you are looking for the perfect Christmas gift for women, then this tote bag will do the trick. It is a stylish yet functional tote bag that you can take with you to the gym, beach, or travel.

It is one of the best laptop tote bags for providing large storage capacity and multiple pockets. As such, you can use it to carry a 15.6-inch laptop, books, folders, cellphones, keys, and document folders.

The bag features a high-quality nylon material and PU leather with a polyester lining that feels soft to the touch. It is ultra-light, wear-resistant, water-resistant, and easy to clean.

If you want one of the best women’s laptop tote bags, you should buy this particular one from Sunny Snow. You can use it as a laptop bag, travel bag, casual shoulder bag, handbag, and work, or school tote bag.

5. MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag 15.6-Inch Laptop Purse Work Bag for Women Multiple Compartments


  • Spacious
  • Strong and durable
  • Can carry heavy loads
  • Waterproof
  • Has a USB charging system


  • Has a thin lining
  • Has thinner padding

When it comes to buying laptop bags for women, you should choose one that’s spacious, lightweight, and durable. The MONSTINA Laptop Tote Bag is designed to carry a 15.6-inch laptop without much of a hassle.

It features a robust and durable strap in two-layer sturdy fabric. For that reason, you can use it to carry 50 kg luggage without an issue. That should include your laptop, keys, day planner, purse, drink bottle, umbrella, and so on. You will appreciate that it has five pockets in which you can slot all of your belongings.

The materials from which it is made are waterproof and capable of protecting your belongings. Besides, the stitches used to hold the parts are strong and capable of resisting possible wear. Opening and closing this tote bag is easy, thanks to the heavy-duty zipper system.

Lastly, it has a simple USB port that enables you to charge your electronic devices using a power bank conveniently. However, you have to buy the power bank separately.

6. Women Laptop Tote Bag for Work Lightweight Splice Canvas 15.6-Inch Handbag Purse


  • Fashionable
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Comfortable to the shoulders
  • Has 12 pockets


  • Inner padding doesn’t work with bulkier contents
  • Flimsy straps

If you are looking for a fashionable women’s laptop bag, this product from Bag Wizard is what you should buy. It is an everyday tote bag made from strong duck canvas and a beautiful stripe lining.

This is a carry-all women’s laptop tote bag, which also acts as a school bag, work bag, handbag, and so on. All that is possible thanks to its 12 interior and exterior pockets. This kind of versatility makes it a must-have for the professional woman with a busy life.

The double-rolled, leather-stitched handles are durable and extra comfortable on the shoulders. Besides, you can use it to carry any laptop between 11 inches and 15.6 inches.

7. Laptop Bag for Women, 17-inch Laptop Tote Bag, Work Bag Business Briefcase with Comfortable Shoulder Strap for Office Ladies College Girl Carrying, Purple


  • Has multiple pockets
  • An elegant design
  • Padded with memory foam
  • Can carry a 17-inch laptop


  • Reports of handles ripping off

The EaseGave 17-Inch Laptop Tote Bag is perhaps the largest we have featured in this review. So, if you have a massive 17-inch business laptop, look no further than this particular bag.

In addition to carrying your laptop, this bag has enough space for files, sunglasses, makeup, a phone, a wallet, and so on. That’s because it has 12 pockets and compartments in total.

Although big, the laptop bag weighs only 2.56 pounds, which is light enough for you to carry everywhere. Besides, it has a professional padded foam design, which protects your laptop from damage due to accidental impact. There is also a Velcro strap for holding firmly onto your computer.

Its minimalistic design is deceivingly excellent, especially regarding the inclusion of great shoulder straps and metal hardware. There is no better Christmas or New Year’s gift than this one.

8. MOSISO PU Leather Laptop Tote Bag for Women (Up To 15.6-Inch), Black


  • Made from high-quality PU leather
  • Versatile
  • Can carry any 15.6-inch laptop
  • Fashionable and attractive


  • Reports of straps coming loose
  • Complaints about a small width and depth

One of the best women’s laptop tote bags is this particular one from MOSISO. It is made from high-quality PU leather, making it fashionable, durable, and resistant to accidental scratches, bumps, and impact.

It has a total of three compartments and three pockets for a 15.6-inch laptop, mobile phone, tablet, wallet, books, and folders. You can buy it if you are a woman professional, college student, or teen girl.

The large-sized women’s laptop tote bag measures 16.34 by 4.53 by 11.81 inches, ideal for multiple laptop models. You do not need any other bag for your MacBook Pro Retina 15.4 A1398, Asus VivoBook 15.6, and HP laptops.

The laptop bag is fashionable and attractive to top it up, making it suitable for camping, travel, school, work, and business. Besides, it has an adjustable handle, making it easier and more comfortable for you to wear it.

9. KROSER Laptop Tote Bag 15.6-Inch Large Shoulder Bag Lightweight Water-Repellent Nylon Computer Tote Bag Women Stylish Handbag for Work/Business/School/College/Travel – Black


  • Made from durable materials
  • Has an extra pouch
  • Stylish and lightweight
  • Versatile in terms of uses


  • Some found it quite heavy

Not adequately padded

The KROSER Laptop Tote Bag comes with several pockets designed to meet a professional woman’s needs. You can use it to carry a 14-inch or 15.6-inch laptop, iPad, wallet, cards, and other accessories.

It is made from high-quality, water-resistant PU leather and nylon material that makes it durable for a long time. For that reason, it is excellent when it comes to protecting your laptop and iPad from possible water damage.

If you want one of the best women’s laptop tote bags for work, school, college, business or travel, look no further than this product from KROSER. You can carry it with you daily without having to worry about the security of your property.

While the main compartment measures 16.5 by 12.8 by 5.6 inches, the bag has an extra pouch that measures 8.5 by 5.7 by 1.3.

10. USB Laptop Tote Bag, Chomeiu Women 15.6-Inch Laptop Organizer Bag Teacher Work Purse


  • Great for the professional woman
  • Has a handy Velcro strap
  • Has an external USB port
  • Versatile
  • Has adjustable straps


  • Reports of a faulty USB port
  • Has a thin satin

The Chomeiu USB Women’s laptop tote bag is ideal for the professional, busy woman. You can use it to carry all her electronics, office supplies, cosmetics, and other necessities all at once. It has a rich structure with multiple compartments for keeping most items in an orderly, convenient way.

It is 16.5 by 13 by 6 in dimension, making it great for a 14-inch or 15.6-inch laptop. Besides, the tote bag has a Velcro strap that securely holds your electronics (laptop or tablet). Using it, you can avoid accidentally damaging your computer because of a fall or knock.

The bag comes with a handy external USB charging port so that you can top up your phone’s battery using a power bank inside. When it comes to protecting your laptop from rain damage, the bag is completely waterproof and safe for all users.

It is a highly versatile, multi-functional, fashionable handbag with multiple compartments, a rich structure to keep your items in the order. So, you shouldn’t expect to find them the dull, ugly appearance of the usual women’s laptop tote bags.

Thanks to the adjustable straps, you can ensure the tote bag suits your requirements at any particular time. Besides, the padded shoulder pad is removable, just in case you do not need it.